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Topic - Ancient Egyptians

Week 3 (w/c 18th January) - Landmarks

You will be looking at Egyptian Landmarks this week and be doing some tasks in relation to this.


Map Work

By now you will know I am a fan of map work and both Y3 and 4 have shown they are skillful in this area. 

For our topic work this week, I would like you to locate some landmarks found in Egypt on a map.   I have attached some you can choose from which have different levels of difficulty, although you may also draw your own big map and/draw pictures of each landmark yourself.


Google Earth is a great way to look at the different landmarks if you want to.  If you type the landmark into Google and type “Google Earth” you can have a good play on there for free and do not have to download Google Earth.


Pyramid Research


I would like you to research probably the most famous landmark in Egypt; the Pyramids at Giza.  Attached are some useful info/links you may use…  You may write your information about the pyramids in whatever format you like:

  1. A big poster;

  2. A booklet with a catchy front cover and if you wanted to, different pages with different headings.  Perhaps even a contents page…

  3. A Powerpoint presentation – remember when doing it this way, the content is the important part and not the fancy graphics (even if you are a Powerpoint whizz)!

You could print odd bits if you wanted or draw and handwrite all of it.  It is up to you!


Remember if you decide to do your own searching on the Internet to always type in “for kids” or ks2 (which stands for Key Stage 2) and to make sure a grown up is close by even if they are working hard doing their own job just to keep an eye on you!

Making your own pyramids...


Attached are some suggestions of how to make your very own pyramids that you may wish to have a go at!

Week 2 (Week Commencing 11-1-21) Tutankhamun

Do some research about Tutankhamun. Who was he? Who discovered his tomb and what treasures did they find? Create your own information text about him. This can be handwritten or completed on the computer. You could create your own Powerpoint presentation and post it onto Seesaw.


There are some resources to help you with your research including a link to a BBC video clip. There are also some related art and craft activities you could try.

Week 1 (7-1-21 & 8-1-21) The Importance of The River Nile


Welcome Year 3 and 4 to our Topic Work on Ancient Egypt.  Over the next few days I would like you to present information about the importance of The River Nile.  I have attached some information and links for you to look at but feel free to use any books you have at home or the good old power of Google.  Just make sure you type in "for kids" after what you are searching for so it comes up with suitable, safe information.  I will attach me explaining things rather than typing a very long-winded message!  I wish you all luck and hope you enjoy!


Mrs Devlin 


P.S.  You may wish to split your presentations into 3 sections: Fertile Land, Building Materials and Transportation and do your separate presentation about the 3 seasons, when these were and what happened during these!

Importance of River Nile

The Importance Of The River Nile in Ancient Egypt

Why was the Nile important in ancient Egypt?