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Art & Craft Ideas

Art Techniques

If you click on the link below, it will take you to BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons - Art & Design. It shows you the Rousseau video clip along with some demonstrations of how to paint, collage and print.

Henri Rousseau - Jungle Paintings

Henri Rousseau - Jungle Paintings 1
Henri Rousseau - Jungle Paintings 2
Henri Rousseau - Jungle Paintings 3
Henri Rousseau - Jungle Paintings 4

Rousseau Inspired Art & Craft

Rousseau Inspired Art & Craft 1
Rousseau Inspired Art & Craft 2
Rousseau Inspired Art & Craft 3
Rousseau Inspired Art & Craft 4
Rousseau Inspired Art & Craft 5
Rousseau Inspired Art & Craft 6

Surprised! Template

Surprised! Template 1

Rainforest Dioramas

Rainforest Dioramas 1
Rainforest Dioramas 2
Rainforest Dioramas 3
Rainforest Dioramas 4
Rainforest Masks
Look at these examples of existing rainforest masks to give you some ideas.
Picture 1
You can use one of these mask templates to help you get started on making your own mask.
If you are stuck for ideas, you could follow these instructions to make a panda mask or adapt it for another animal.
Picture 1
If you find it difficult to draw certain animal features, here are some more detailed mask templates.

Rainforest Art & Crafts

Here are some creative activities linked to our Rainforest topic.

How to Draw Jungle Animals

Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 1
A frog picture drawn using black glue and oil pastels.
Picture 1
A toucan drawn with sharpie pens, paint or oil pastels on tin foil.
Picture 1