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Creative/Understanding the World

Wax Resist Artwork

With wax crayons, draw lots of fish and under the sea creatures. Look at the creatures on this picture from Julian is a Mermaid for inspiration. You might want to talk about if you have ever seen any sea creatures in real life. Was this at the seaside? On a boat trip? At the aquarium? 

Once you have done that, you will need some watery paint. Watercolour paints are best but you could dilute poster paints to give them a watery consistency. Try to choose colours that represent under the sea. Then with a paintbrush, brush the paint over the top of the whole piece of paper, including over the top of your wax crayon drawing. You may wish to check it works on a scrap piece of paper first. You should notice that the water based paint 'resists' the wax! Then let your artwork dry.

If you wanted to, you could print out a photograph of yourself and stick it on the picture so it looks like the sea creatures are your mermaid tail, just like Julian! Don't forget to post a picture of your artwork on Tapestry. 

Eric Joyner Robots and Donuts

Discuss the artwork together.
Do you like it? Why?
Do you dislike it? Why?

Recreate Eric Joyner's Artwork 

Have a go at making a Robots and Doughnuts inspired picture. First of all you will need to think about the setting, where is your robot going to be. Create the setting first, it’s up to you how you do this. You could paint/draw the setting, whether it’s mountains, the park, in space etc... or you could make a 3D model in a box. Next add your robot, and finally a doughnut. Try and think creatively. Maybe you could make some little cardboard springs so your robot looks like it is coming out of the page, maybe you could use real sprinkles to decorate your doughnut.

Create Your Own Artwork Inspired By Eric Joyner

Eric Joyner decided to paint Robots and Doughnuts because he decided that he just wanted to paint things that he liked, even though you wouldn’t usually find Robots and Doughnuts together! I want you to choose two of your favourite things, two things that you wouldn’t usually find together. This could be unicorns and pizza, dinosaurs and ice cream, monsters and jelly, etc! Create your own artwork based on these things. You might feel inspired to tell a story about your artwork, your grown up can scribe this and send it to me. You can contribute some of the tricky words or some of the words you know how to write when your grown up is scribing for you.

Please post a picture of your artwork on Tapestry as I would like to create a virtual art gallery for you to view each others work.  

Eric Joyner

Find out about the artist Eric Joyner as he explains why he chose to paint Robots and Doughnuts!

Robots, Robots Everywhere!

Find out about different types of robots. Discuss the different jobs that robots do. Maybe you could research robots with your grown up to look at some real photos and videos of them at work. You could choose your favourite robot and write a fact file about it!

Real-Life Robots

Meet some real-life robots, and find out what robots really are, and what they do for us every day! ---------- Like SciShow? Want to help support us, and als...


Blip loves being plugged into her computer, but one day she discovers the amazing outdoors! Listen to the story and then discuss what the message of this story might be. Talk about all the different things you can do on your computer/tablet, what is your favourite thing to on there? How does technology help us everyday? Also discuss all the exciting things you can do outside, what is your favourite thing to do out in nature? Talk about how it is important to balance our time between having fun using technology and being outside getting fresh air and exercise to stay healthy.

Rosie Revere Engineer

Rosie learns an important message about not giving up.

Have a go at decorating some doughnuts! You could draw/paint/collage! Don't forget to label what flavours they would be! Maybe you could do some real doughnut decorating/tasting too!

Make a Doughnut Bag! (I can think of lots of you who love a paper plate craft! Parents- paper plates don't last 5 minutes in our creative area at School!)

Make a Robot Helmet

Playdough Robots (practise fine motor skills). Nuts and bolts to screw and unscrew are great for fine motor skills (you may wish to supervise.)

Nature Wand and Nature Rattle Tutorials

How to Make a Nature Rattle

Still image for this video

How to Make a Nature Wand

Swirl by Swirl by Joyce Sidman, illus. by Beth Krommes

What makes the tiny snail shell so beautiful? Why does that shape occur in nature over and over again-in rushing rivers, in a flower bud, even inside your ea...

The Snail and the Whale Song

Julia and Malcolm Donaldson perform The Smartest Giant in Town song. Song included in A Treasury of Songs written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel ...

Nature's Tiny Miracle- Bees!

Learn about why you might have started spotting more bees around and why bees are so important! You can do a pollination science experiment after watching! P.S. Look where I am!!!

Bee Pollination Experiment! We did this with powder paint at school, if you don’t have cheesy crisps maybe you could crush up yellow chalk? Just be creative with what you have!

Flight Of The Bumblebee - Rimsky-Korsakov

Listen carefully to the music and move like a bee! Or draw/paint as you listen to the music, what do you imagine the bees to look like, what might they be doing? Do you think they are moving fast or slow?

The Easter Story

Find out why Christians celebrate Easter. In this video, Miss Purcell reads the story about how Jesus died on the cross and then came back to life.

The Easter Journal Story

It's Ali and Jaya's turn to take their class teddy home! They take Riley Rabbit on lots of Easter adventures.

Learn the Easter Story and then make an Easter Garden

Include the cross that Jesus died on.
Include a tomb where Jesus was laid after he died.
Include flowers to show Spring and New Life.

Easter is Special

Find out why Easter is a special time for Christians and how this festival is celebrated.

Talk about why Easter eggs are a symbol of Easter and how some people decorate them. Then make your own decorated eggs!

A great activity, you can still eat the egg!

Learn the rhyme Hot Cross Buns and find out why hot cross buns are eaten on Good Friday! Maybe you could try a hot cross bun, or even make some of your own!

Sunny Day Activities

Draw around your families shadows!
Trace around the shadows! Why do we see shadows?
Painting with water to get your body moving!
Can you paint cursive letters? What about numbers?

CBeebies Songs | Something Special | I Can Sing a Rainbow

Join Mr Tumble, sing and sign the colours of the rainbow in I Can Sing a Rainbow. Visit CBeebies at to find even more fun games...

Make a rainbow for your window!

Spring Flowers 

Talk about the different parts of a flower whilst looking at photographs or real flowers in the garden. Try to use accurate vocabulary like stem, petals and leaves. You could even challenge yourself to use ambitious vocabulary like anther or stigma! Maybe you could draw and label a picture of a flower. Do some planting and growing, if you have enough, you could put your plants in different places and see how this affects how they grow. You could put one in a cold place, one in a warm place, one outside, inside, one in the light, one in the dark, water one, don't water one... and see the difference! Chat about what plants need to grow to be nice and healthy. 

For some creative fun have a go at making a daffodil using an egg box or painting some tulips by printing with a fork!