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English Task - Monday 5th July, 2021

Information text about Stone Age animal adaptations


Please find brief overview of what you will be doing today below:

Video 1

Terrific Scientific: How animals adapt to their environment

Video 2

Video 3

Watch the clip below between 13:39 and 17:41 to find out some information about sabre-tooth cats.

English - w/c 28th June, 2021

English overview for this week

Monday 28th June, 2021


Please find a video below explaining what I would like you to do when you can.

Skara Brae what evidence suggests 28.6.21

Skara Brae explanation

Tuesday 29th June, 2021 - Skara Brae Quiz Writing

Skara Brae Quiz Info

Wednesday 30th June, 2021 - Interview with archaeologist


Note: If you wanted to, you could even make your interview very fancy and do on IMovie!

Quick interview explanation

My interview

Thursday 1st July, 2021 - Diary entry from Skara Brae

Diary entry 1

Diary entry 2

There is a template below you might use to help you structure your work.  I used this to help structure my writing!

Friday 2nd July, 2021 - Stonehenge Reading Comprehension

Stonehenge reading comp

Friday fun bonus activity:


Below is an activity about making your own "Stonehenge."  You can do this however you want to, using whatever you have access to.  You MIGHT be able to make more than one example by using different materials.  It needs to look accurate so try to make sure you use the correct number of stone and position these correctly!


I wonder what you will come up with.  Please send me pictures of what you get up to!

English - w/c 1st March

Monday 1st March - Presenting the Presentations!

For those of you who for whatever reason may NOT have been able to complete a presentation, I have attached my Powerpoint presentation below, plus my Powerpoint but in picture format (in case you can't open on Powerpoint).  You are welcome to present mine though I will only be evaluating certain criteria then.  

Alternatively, you can present your chocolate booklet and I will evaluate how you get on with that.

Hope this helps! smiley


Tuesday 2nd March - Introduction to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Wednesday 3rd March - Ticket Finders

Thursday 4th March - World Book Day

World Book Day 2021

Visit the Year 3&4 World Book Day sub-page for more videos and activities you can enjoy!

Friday 5th March - Character Profiles

Please note: Some information from my character profiles is from a little further along in the story.
You may use the templates/ideas below to help you.  You might draw the character first if you desire using the second template and even add some labels and/or a speech bubble to your drawing.  You can then write a description underneath.

English - w/c 22nd February

Monday 22nd February 2021 - Chocolate Intro

Tuesday 23rd - Thursday 25th February 2021 - Research and booklet (The History of Chocolate)

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Below is my example of a booklet.  Remember this is for you to make/write by hand (although you may choose to print some pictures).  I have not completed the glossary, as if you are doing one of your own, it would be good to look up the definitions.  Remember to search as follows/here is an example:  "Definition of Emperor for kids."  I have highlighted "for kids" since you need to understand the definition you are writing down.  Good luck! yes

Friday 26th February - Powerpoint (or equivalent) Presentation

You may wish to watch the following videos or not - it is up to you!  They show a few skills that may come in useful on Powerpoint though you may be better asking an older sibling or grown-up if you can, just because it is difficult to show you on a screen like this! laugh

If you put my Powerpoint into Slide Show format, you can see some of the skills I have used to present this.  Remember what I have said about the information being the important part though!

English - w/c 8th February

Monday 8th February - When Aliens Stole My Underpants

Tuesday 9th February - Planning Poem

Wednesday 10th February - Writing Poem

Thursday 11th February - Performing Own Poem

Friday 12th February - Prefixes (un-, mis- and dis-)


English w/c 1st February

Tuesday 2nd February

Diary entry explanation

Play plans

Beegu improvisation

Note: there is a loud bit at the end of my play below so do be aware! You will need to switch the play up as it is quiet after the trailer. I just wanted you to be prepared so you don't jump at the end when it gets louder again! 

Beegu play

English - w/c 25th January

Monday 25th January - Sentence Types

Sentence types 25 1 21

Tuesday 26th January - Beegu

Wednesday 27th January - Interview with Beegu

Thursday 28th January - Retelling of Beegu

Friday 29th January - Beegu dictated sentences

English w/c 18th January

Monday 18th January - Reading comprehension

Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 19th January - Alien dialogue

Video 1 - Speech mark sandwich

Video 2 - Inverted commas rules

Video 3 - Modelled dialogue

Time adverbials

The Time Adverbials Song

English w/c 11th January

Handy hints

English Tuesday 12th - Friday 15th January

Tuesday 12th Janaury

(For the Mrs Naughton video, please go onto Y4's page, click on their lockdown area and scroll down and play the video for Thurs 7th Jan - thank you!)

Alien desc video 1

Alien desc video 2

Alien desc video 3

Friday 8th January - Alien Alert!

Alien Intro/Questions

Alien Determiners

Alien Questions and Determiners


For as long as humans have existed, one specific mystery has inspired more curiosity than all others: are we alone in the universe, or is there alien life?

Thursday 7th January - Reading

English Explanation 7 1 21