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English Homework

Summer Term 

Week 1 for Tuesday 3rd May 

Week 2 for Tuesday 10th May 


There is a short worksheet to complete this week (we have been working on active/passive voice in class). If you would rather not print the sheet you can write a list in the same order as the table that simply says active or passive e.g. 1. Active 2. Passive 


After completing the worksheet, have a go at writing 3 sentences of your own in both the active voice and the passive voice (so that will be 6 sentences in total).


Week 3 - due Tuesday May 17th


We have recently been working on parenthesis (brackets, dashes and commas) in class. Listen to the song and then write your own sentences with parenthesis about what you did last weekend. Try to aim for between 5 and 8 sentences and use brackets for some, commas for some and dashes for some. Remember that using parenthesis adds extra information to your sentences.


Sing with Grammarsaurus - Parentheses (Brackets, Dashes and Commas) - YouTube


For example:


I took my sons to the park, which was very muddy, to play football. 


On Saturday evening, Mrs Dykes went to Pizza Express (in Poynton) and ate lots of delicious dough balls.


After cleaning the house, we cooked a huge lasagne - which is my favourite - for dinner on Sunday. 



Week 4 - due Tuesday May 24th


This week your homework is to write a book review so you must have read a whole book in order to do this. Ideally it should be a book that you have read very recently. It can be fiction or non-fiction. I have attached templates but please feel free to present this any way you wish. 

Week 5 - due on Tuesday 14th June 


Week 5's homework is a comprehension activity about Neil Armstrong, whom we have been learning about during our Topic sessions. Feel free to note down the answers on paper if you do not wish to print. Happy reading 😊!

Week 6 - due on Tuesday 21st June 

Week 7 - due on Tuesday June 28th


This week's homework has a poetry focus. Choose a poem to read out loud - there are three to choose from here or you may choose your own. Practise reading your chosen poem out loud and then perform it to someone in your house. It would be great if the performance could be videoed and put on Seesaw but if you would prefer not to do that please put a note on Seesaw to say which poem you chose to do. 

When reading poems consider how the words are arranged and what punctuation has been used. Think about the expression and intonation in your voice when you perform it. 

Have fun and I'm looking forward to seeing which poem you choose!

Week 8 - due on Tuesday 5th July 


This week's homework is to create a short presentation about a hidden talent or interest you may have. A hidden talent or interest would be something that your teachers don't know you can do or are interested in. If you don't feel that you have a hidden talent or interest then your presentation can be about your hobby.


Your presentation should be between 1 and 3 minutes. Try to give lots of information about your chosen topic - e.g. what is it, how you do it, when did you start doing it, facts about it, how often do you do this, do you have to go anywhere, why do you enjoy it, do you use any equipment or props, can you demonstrate it? 


If possible please upload a short video to Seesaw. If you would prefer to write your presentation and then tell us about it in school then this is ok too. 

Spring Term 

Feel free to use this sheet for the homework or to write the answers in your book/on paper. If you don't have a dictionary there are plenty of online ones - a good one for children is dictionary.

Please feel free to either print out week 3's homework or write your answers on paper. Have fun finding the homophones smiley.

We have looked at similes this week in English and some of the children have come up with some great similies in their writing. Week 5's homework can either be printed or written on paper. An example for the first one could be: I am as quick as a scuttling spider. The pictures on the sheet are all of animals but the children can choose other items for their similies too if they wish. 

In some of our English lessons this week the children have done a brilliant job of trying to write from the perspective of the orangutan in our class book, Kensuke's Kingdom. For homework the children need to use books and/or the internet to create a mini fact file about orangutans. They can present this in any way they wish, though I have uploaded a template to use if they find that helpful. The sections of the fact file could include a drawing/picture/description of orangutans, information on their habitat, their diet, and any other fun or interesting facts. 

Week 7 homework can either be printed or the children can just write down the answers. This is something we have done in school recently but the fronted adverbials mat is for reference if the children need any help. The answers are uploaded too but no cheating children! 

WEEK 8 Homework for Tuesday 15th March

Design your own front cover for our class book Kensuke's Kingdom -  we have a few copies of the book in school with slightly different cover designs that the children have seen. We are now coming to the end of the book so I wondered if you have your own ideas for a cover design! Let me know if you would like any plain paper from school to draw on.