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English Homework

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Reading Explanation

Week 1 (Spelling Challenge) - W/C 13th Sept (due in by Fri 17th Sept)


Please see the "Spellings" section for your group's spellings and some information regarding these.  I will also talk to your child in class about ways they can learn their spellings and it can be made more fun.  This week, the homework below is actually doing one of these ways!


This week, to learn your spellings I challenge you to write down the correct form of each spelling as many times as you can in 1 minute (yes – that’s 60 seconds!).  You can choose to write these however you like.  You can write them on a piece of paper in any colour you like or may choose to write them on an Ipad or paint them somewhere.  You can send me pictures, videos and/or timings of how you get on. 


Challenge yourself to beat how many times you can do this as you become more confident with the different spellings!

Week 2 (Norway) - W/C 20th Sept (due in by Fri 24th Sept)


We have started learning about Norway in class for our topic this term.  This week I would like you to find and write out around 10 facts about Norway.  For every fact you write down that I do not know about, you will receive a team point.  In addition, if I think your fact is particularly interesting, there are team points up for grabs here too!

Remember to STAY SAFE: if you are searching the Internet to find information, please ensure you search safely/the facts are from a children’s website and in the presence of a grown up.  You may type into Google something like: “Norway facts for kids” or “Interesting facts about Norway for kids.”

Note: For less confident writers, you do not need to write 10 out.  For more confident writers, you can write me more out, but don’t go too crazy!


  • Work needs to be written out neatly;

  • Words need to be copied correctly;

  • Places need capital letters!

Week 3 (Reading Comp - Roald Dahl) - W/C 27th Sept (due in by Fri 1st Oct)

Week 4 (Checking Sentences) - W/C 4th Oct (due in by Fri 8th Oct)

Note: I will print the sheet off for the children this week in order to save printing at home and because the activity does need completing on a piece of paper.  Please take a photo as usual and upload to Seesaw.  Thank you! smiley

Week 5 (Dialogue) - W/C 11th Oct (due in by Fri 15th Oct)

Week 6 (Reading Comp - Hedgehogs) - W/C 18th Oct (due in by Fri 22nd Oct)

Week 7 (Apostrophe for Contraction) - W/C 1st Nov (due in by Fri 5th)

Week 8 (Questions) - W/C 8th Nov (due in by Fri 12th Nov)