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English Homework

Challenge – Week Commencing 28th June (to be completed by the following Tuesday – 6th July


Please see “Spellings” section for what to do this week – thank you!


For the main bulk of your homework, I would like you to do me a short piece of writing.  For your last piece of English homework, I am looking to see just what you have learnt this year.  It can be a particular memory from this year or different memories and can be to do with something inside and/or outside of school.


I have attached my own piece of writing for you to look at first.  Please do read it!  I have underlined any impressive sentence openers I have used and have thought carefully about my vocabulary choices.  If you are fast at typing, you may choose to type your work.


Parents and children: I am so proud of the efforts the children have put into their writing this year.  I really feel like the children have become a lot more enthused about writing and listen to what is expected.  Their writing has become a pleasure to read for me and I am very pleased indeed!  It’s that time of year where your teacher turns soppy and you’ll see that from my piece of writing… 😊

Warning: Soppy alert!

Reading Challenge – Week Commencing 21st June (to be completed by the following Tuesday – 29th June)

Please find your spellings in the “Spellings” section for this week – please learn in your preferred way. 

We have been learning about the Stone Age in class and will be learning about the Iron and Bronze Ages too.  Your challenge this week is to find out 10 facts about the Iron and Bronze Ages since we haven’t looked at these yet.  Similar to the facts you gave me a while ago for homework, any facts you come up with that no-one else does will mean you receive a team point.


Remember to STAY SAFE: if you are searching the Internet to find information, please ensure you search safely/the facts are from a children’s website and in the presence of a grown up.  You may type into Google something like: “Iron Age facts for kids.”

Reading Challenge – Week Commencing 14th June (to be completed by the following Tuesday – 22nd June)


This week, please learn the attached spellings in the “Spellings” section.  You can learn these in whichever way works for you!


You’ve guessed it – I am setting you another reading challenge.  Using your reading book or a selection of books (these can be non-fiction too), I would like you to find me the 10 most interesting sentences you can.  This could mean the sentence starts in an interesting way/with an interesting word, it could be a really descriptive sentence or have some interesting punctuation.

Your sentences ARE NOT allowed to start with boring words such as he, she, the or it.

The more interesting your sentences are, the more team points you shall receive.  The person with the sentence I judge to be the most interesting, will receive a bonus of 10 team points for their team!

Reading Challenge – Week Commencing 24th May (to be completed by the first Tuesday back – 15th June)

Please find your spellings in the “Spellings” section for this week – you have plenty of time to learn these!  Perhaps focus on a few at a time and build up each day until you can try them all together!


Your challenge for this week (and during the holidays) is to read to as many people, pets, etc. as you possibly can.  In your reading log, please record who/what you have read to and how many pages.  When you send me what you have done, please tell me how many people etc. that you have read to and work out how many pages.  You can read to teddy bears or if you do a video call with someone you could read to them!  Be as creative as you like!


Do send me videos/pictures of what you are doing – I hope to be amused by who/what you read to.  It could be your pet does an excellent job of listening! 😉


As always, team points will be on offer for various things: excellent reading skills, regular reading, imaginative people etc. to read to.

Reading Challenge – Week Commencing 17th May (to be completed by the following Tuesday – 25th May)


This week, please learn the attached spellings in the “Spellings” section.  You can learn these in whichever way works for you once again!  I am really enjoying sharing some of your ideas with the class in order to help others remember their spellings so thank you!


This week, you have another reading challenge…  This week, I would like you to read either a book or perhaps a chapter of a book for a longer book.  Again, any videos of you actually reading would be gratefully appreciated.  If possible, it would be ideal to read to a grown up for this!

Your job is to then be the teacher or parent and write down at least 5 questions (preferably 10) to ask the grown up about what you have read.  See if you can catch them out by asking a tricky question!  Please spell the question words correctly and end your question with a…question mark.

Our 5Ws on a tennis court question words:

  1. How?
  2. What?
  3. When?
  4. Why?
  5. Who?
  6. Where?

Other possible question words:

  1. Were?
  2. Could/can?
  3. Did/do?

Please do this in your neatest handwriting again and think carefully about where capital letters are needed.

Reading Challenge – Week Commencing 10th May (to be completed by the following Tuesday – 18th May)


This week, please learn the attached spellings in the “Spellings” section.  You can learn these in whichever way works for you!


You have a reading challenge to complete this time…  I would like you to read a non-fiction/information text of your choice.  It does not have to be the WHOLE book because I am aware you may have a VERY thick encyclopedia for example, so reading part of the book is absolutely fine 😉.  Once you have done this, I would like you to write down the most interesting facts you have learnt.  As a minimum, I would like 5 facts but would prefer at least 10 if possible.  I don’t want pages and pages of facts, but want you to pick out the ones you think I might not even know!  For every fact you give me that I do NOT know about you will receive a team point!


Please do this in your neatest handwriting!  If you wish, you may send videos of you reading the text, as it would be wonderful to hear what you are doing...

Spellings Challenge – Week Commencing 3rd May (to be completed by the following Tuesday – 11th May)

This week, I would like you to learn the spellings in the spelling section however you choose to.  You may wish to write them out as I asked last week/demonstrated in class and send me a picture/video of what you do.


For some of the spellings you perhaps find trickier this time, I would like you to come up with a way to help others in the class to remember it.  If your suggestions are good enough, I will put them onto our class webpage so you can help other people.


If you go to our “Handy Hints” section, then there are a few links here (including a video) which suggest ways to remember spellings.  You can write your suggestions down and/or film them or you may write them down on a whiteboard and talk about them.  You many draw pictures to go with your suggestions too.

Spellings Challenge – Week Commencing 26th April (to be completed by the following Tuesday – 4th May)

This week, to learn your spellings I challenge you to write down the correct form of each spelling as many times as you can in 1 minute (yes – that’s 60 seconds!).  You can choose to write these however you like - the more imaginative the better.  You can write them on a piece of paper in any colour you like or may choose to write them on an Ipad or paint them/write in chalk somewhere outside, for example.  You can send me pictures, videos and/or timings of how you get on. 


Challenge yourself to beat how many times you can do this as you become more confident with the different spellings!  Remember to mix the spellings up so you are not learning them in order!


(There will be a spelling test on Tuesday 4th May – but again I may choose to do this slightly differently and see how many times the children can write these out in class and turn it into a bit of a competition with their friends!) yes


NOTE: You will find your spellings in the "Spellings" section each week still.

English Homework Explanation

Reading Explanation

Week 1 (Reading Comp - Roald Dahl) - W/C 5th Oct (due in by Fri 9th Oct)

Week 2 (Dialogue) - W/C 12th Oct (due in by Fri 16th Oct)

Week 3 (Checking Sentences) - W/C 19th Oct (due in by Fri 23rd Oct)

Week 4 (Reading Comp - Hedgehogs) - W/C 2nd Nov (due in by Fri 6th November)

Week 5 (Apostrophe for Contraction) - W/C 9th Nov (due in by Fri 13th Nov)

Week 6 (Questions) - W/C 16th Nov (due in by Fri 20th Nov)