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English Homework

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Reading Explanation


Week 1 - Spellings Challenge (w/c 25th April 2022. Due in on Tuesday 3rd May) 


This week to learn your spellings, I challenge you to write down the correct spelling as many times as you can in 1 minute.  You can choose to write these however you like - the more imaginative the better.  You can write them on an Ipad or paint them/write in chalk somewhere outside, for example.  You can send me pictures/videos/timings of how you get on.


Challenge yourself to beat how many times you can do this as you become more confident with the different spellings! Remember to mix the spellings up so you are not learning them in order.


These spellings can be found in the usual "Spellings" section.

Week 2 – Reading Challenge (w/c 2nd May 2022. Due in on Tuesday 10th May) 


This week, I would like you to read as much as you possibly can but this is with a difference… Each time you read, I would like you to read to someone (or something!) different.  This could any relative, your pet or in my case, Spuddy!  Let’s see how imaginative you can be.  I will give team points for the amount you read and how imaginative you are in terms of what/who you read to.  Enjoy! smiley


Please send me videos/pictures with a list of who/what you have read to and for how long/how many pages.

Week 3 – Reading Comprehension (w/c 9th May 2022. Due in on Tuesday 17th May) 


This week I would like you to work your way through the attached reading comprehension.  I will print a copy off for your child.  I would like you to make this as independent as possible please, as the children need to get used to reading a text and answering questions by themselves.  Team points will be given to children who make an obvious effort with this task.


Remember: the reading of a text is important, but equally as important is being able to find and think about the answers.

Week 4 – Spelling Poster (w/c 16th May 2022. Due in on Tuesday 24th May) 


This week I would like you to make a poster similar to what we have recently done in class.  This poster needs to be about this week’s spellings but you may choose to use the methods to help you at other times to remember any spellings you find tricky.


In my "Handy Hints" section are some ways to help you remember your spellings as we have discussed in class such as sounding a word out the way it is written like Wed-nes-day or writing an acrostic such as big elephants can always understand small elephants for because.  I have attached some ideas of my own on last week’s spellings to show you the sorts of ways we remembered those spellings.  You can choose to hand write and colour your poster in or do on the computer.  If you are doing this on the computer, please ensure you don’t spend forever doing so.  It is about the ways to remember the spellings rather than spending ages on the computer!

Week 5 – Present perfect tense (w/c 23rd May 2022. Due in on the first Tuesday back after half term, 14th June) 


We have been looking at the present perfect tense in class.  Please find a Powerpoint attached if you wish to find out more…


There are two activities to choose from below.  You can do either one or both!


  1. There is a game attached.  When you answer the number the dice rolls on, please can you write down your answers.  When you swap, you would get the person you are playing with to write down their answers too.  Who can come up with the most interesting ones?


I have seen green spots all over my body for weeks!

My head has been aching like crazy!

  1. Write some sentences about Spuddy, Grumpy, Greedy, Funny, Lazy and Torch in the present perfect tense.  Again, make these sentences as interesting as possible.


That silly spud has been up to no good again by eating all the sausages!

Greedy has eaten so many chunky sausages that he has made himself every sick indeed.


Underline the present perfect tense in each sentence.


Week 6 – Facts about the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age (w/c 13th June 2022. Due in on Tuesday 21st June) 


We are going to be looking at the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages in class.  I would like you to do some research (you can use books, the Internet or both) and write your facts out in as interesting a way as possible.  For example, you could start your sentence with a conjunction like "When" or turn your fact into a question or exclamation to make it more interesting.  

If you wanted to add some pictures or drawings you are welcome to but the main idea is to find and write down the interesting facts in your very best handwriting, using your own words and to make sure spellings are copied correctly.


If using the Internet, please ensure you do so safely and in the presence of an adult.  You may type something such as, "facts about stone age for kids" into Google.  Remember: you don't need capital letters when using a search engine.


For every fact you find out that I do not know, you will be awarded 5 team points.  Good luck!

Week 7 – Woolly Mammoths (w/c 20th June 2022. Due in on Tuesday 28th June) 


Please find attached three sets of information about Woolly Mammoths.  It is up to you which level of difficulty you choose but do try not to go for the easier option if you know you are a good reader.


Your job this week is to carefully read the fact file of your choice about this amazing animal.  I would then like you to write some questions that could be asked about this text.  Try to vary the sorts of questions you are asking and to make some answers trickier to find than others.  I have attached a few examples underneath for your reference that relate to the text that is medium-difficulty. 


It is up to you have many questions you ask but please put a decent effort into your work.  You can then either answer your own questions or ask somebody else at home to answer them.  You DO NOT have to answer in full sentences.  If you wish to answer my questions you can!!!


Thank you!



1) Find and copy a word which means mammoths were able to change to suit their environment.

2) Why did they become extinct?

3) Why do you think mammoth ivory is used today?


Week 8 – Goodbye! (w/c 27th June 2022. Due in on Tuesday 5th July) 

I would like you to do your very best piece of writing for me to show me just what you can do!  This is the last piece of English homework for me so please make it your very best.  I would like you to do a short piece of writing about this year, summarising some of the things that you remember from this year.  I have attached my own example.

Remember your best handwriting, to think carefully about your spellings and to make your vocabulary and sentence structures interesting!



















Week 1 (Reading comprehension) - W/C 10th January (due in by Tuesday 18th January)


This week for English, I would like you to carry out the attached reading comprehension about Howard Carter.  Remember, this is not only about your actual reading skills but more importantly, your understanding.  Remember to read the questions carefully, as usually it isn’t that you can’t answer the question, but that you perhaps haven’t read it properly!


The text is at varying levels of difficulty and it is up to you which level you choose but do try to challenge yourself.  There are some unusual words you may be unfamiliar with so do your best to read these.


If you want to print the text out and highlight/underline the key information you can.  If you don’t have printer (or don’t want to print!) don’t worry as you can read off the screen and write the answers down.


Spuddy’s Super Bonus: Write down between 3 and 5 interesting facts you have learnt from reading this text.

Week 2 (Poster) - W/C 17th January (due in by Tuesday 25th January)


This week for English, I would like you to produce a factual poster.  You could do this about various landmarks in Egypt or choose one of your favourite landmarks.  I have attached a version of my own.  You could complete this on the computer if you want to (such as on Powerpoint) and send it to me in digital format/take pictures of your work or you might do the poster on paper or print pictures off and stick them onto your poster.  I do not mind how you complete this.  Find information about your landmark out of books or by using the internet safely, such as typing in “The Great Pyramid of Giza” info for kids.

Week 3 (Sausages and Mash) - W/C 24th January (due in by Tuesday 1st February)


This week for English, I would like you to play the game, “Sausages and Mash.”  Please record a short video of your child reading.  For every word that starts with an “s” they should replace that word with the word “sausages” and for every word beginning with “m” they should replace this word with the word “mash.”  I look forward to seeing your video clips! wink


Please note: I will not be showing Spuddy your videos as he likes the sausages part but HATES the bit about the mash! surprise

Week 4 (Sentence spectacular) - W/C 31st January (due in by Tuesday 8th February)


This week I want a really good focus on your sentences and the punctuation you use.  Attached are some sentences I would like a grown up/older sibling, etc. to read to you.  It is your job to write the sentences out as neatly as you can and to think very carefully about your spellings and punctuation. 


Spuddy will give team points for:

  • Neat handwriting/a real effort with this;
  • For you thinking carefully about your spellings as an individual as some of you find these trickier than others;
  •  For good punctuation, especially using the correct type of punctuation for that sentence.


IF YOU WANTED TO, you could go over the sentences together.  This does not mean you correct every single mistake (especially spellings) but can look together where things need to be improved.  The most important things to remember are capital letters, especially at the start of a sentence and any tricky words or patterns that have been looked at on your spellings.




Week 5 (Reading - Ask the Parents Challenge) - W/C 7th February (due in by Tuesday 15th February)


This week I would like you to read a either a book (or perhaps for a longer book, a chapter).  Again, any videos of you reading would be gratefully received.  It would be ideal to read to a grown up, big brother or sister, etc. for this.


Your job is to then be the teacher/parent and write down at least 5 questions (ideally up to 10) to ask the grown up about what you have just read.  See if you can catch them out with a tricky question!  Please spell the question words correctly and end your question with a question mark!


Our 5Ws on a tennis court questions words:

1) How?

2) What?

3) When?

4) Why?

5) Where?


Other possible question words:

1) Were?

2) Could/can?

3) Did/do?


Please do this in your NEATEST handwriting and think carefully about where capital letters are needed.

Week 6 (Reading - Egyptian Determiners) - W/C 14th February (due in by the Tuesday after half-term, Tuesday 1st March) 


For your English, I would like you use the attached cards.  There is no need to print in order to save paper and ink.  Look at each card in turn and write down the correct determiner(s) to go with that card (the/a/an).  I would then like you to write a phrase containing that word that includes one or two interesting adjectives.  I am looking for the very best vocabulary choices here!




The/a sarcophagus

The spectacularly decorated, ancient sarcophagus.

Week 7 (Reading - All about sloths) - W/C 28th February (due in by Tuesday 8th March) 


Please find attached a differentiated reading comprehension about sloths which are animals I am sure you will enjoy reading about.  Some of us are reading a fiction book about a sloth in our guided reading sessions and I thought this worked nicely alongside that.


Choose the level you would like to work at and do let me know if you prefer a printed copy!

Week 8 (Spelling - word definitions) - W/C 7th March (due in by Tuesday 15th March) 


This week, Spuddy would like you to use the link below to look up the words off the spelling list this week and to write them down as he is not sure what these words mean.  You will need to click on the definition tab at the top, then type the word into the "Meaning of the word" box.  If there is more than one meaning, you do not have to write all of these down.

Please write down the definition in your best handwriting!  


If this takes a long time, you do not have to do all of the words!


Spuddy bonus: write some sentences containing the words to show you understand the meaning.

























Week 1 (Spelling Challenge) - W/C 13th Sept (due in by Fri 17th Sept)


Please see the "Spellings" section for your group's spellings and some information regarding these.  I will also talk to your child in class about ways they can learn their spellings and it can be made more fun.  This week, the homework below is actually doing one of these ways!


This week, to learn your spellings I challenge you to write down the correct form of each spelling as many times as you can in 1 minute (yes – that’s 60 seconds!).  You can choose to write these however you like.  You can write them on a piece of paper in any colour you like or may choose to write them on an Ipad or paint them somewhere.  You can send me pictures, videos and/or timings of how you get on. 


Challenge yourself to beat how many times you can do this as you become more confident with the different spellings!

Week 2 (Norway) - W/C 20th Sept (due in by Fri 24th Sept)


We have started learning about Norway in class for our topic this term.  This week I would like you to find and write out around 10 facts about Norway.  For every fact you write down that I do not know about, you will receive a team point.  In addition, if I think your fact is particularly interesting, there are team points up for grabs here too!

Remember to STAY SAFE: if you are searching the Internet to find information, please ensure you search safely/the facts are from a children’s website and in the presence of a grown up.  You may type into Google something like: “Norway facts for kids” or “Interesting facts about Norway for kids.”

Note: For less confident writers, you do not need to write 10 out.  For more confident writers, you can write me more out, but don’t go too crazy!


  • Work needs to be written out neatly;

  • Words need to be copied correctly;

  • Places need capital letters!

Week 3 (Reading Comp - Roald Dahl) - W/C 27th Sept (due in by Fri 1st Oct)

Week 4 (Checking Sentences) - W/C 4th Oct (due in by Fri 8th Oct)

Note: I will print the sheet off for the children this week in order to save printing at home and because the activity does need completing on a piece of paper.  Please take a photo as usual and upload to Seesaw.  Thank you! smiley

Week 5 (Dialogue) - W/C 11th Oct (due in by Fri 15th Oct)

Week 6 (Reading Comp - Hedgehogs) - W/C 18th Oct (due in by Fri 22nd Oct)

Week 7 (Apostrophe for Contraction) - W/C 1st Nov (due in by Fri 5th)

Week 8 (Questions) - W/C 8th Nov (due in by Fri 12th Nov)