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Extra Ideas

  • Spend some time exploring the Maths games on the Topmarks website and find which ones are useful for you.
  • Collect a handful of sticks, can you create a pyramid which stands up by itself? Can you create any other 3D shapes?
  • On your walk, or looking out of a window, count how many black, white, grey, red and blue cars you see. Create a bar chart of your findings.
  • Find a space. either inside or out. Call out the multiples of 3, doing a star jump for each one until you get to 12. Repeat with the multiples of 4, but this time with push ups. Perform burpees while saying the mutiples of 5. Repeat these 3 activities with all the times tables. Next time, think of your own exercise for each times table.
  • Choose a recipe which you would like to make. Can you work out the amounts of ingredients if you wanted to make twice as much? How about half as much?  
  • Write a diary entry of what you did today or yesterday. Don’t forget to use the first person and the past tense.
  • Write a letter to someone you are missing at the moment – tell them what you’ve been up to and don’t forget to ask some questions to encourage them to reply. If you aren’t able to post it you could ask an adult to send them a picture of your letter. Alternatively you could type it as an email.
  • Grab a paintbrush and some water and go and practise your spellings outside on a sunny wall or on the ground.
  • Pick a page of your reading book and list all the adjectives and adverbs you can find. Choose a sentence from the page which you think you could improve and re-write it, adding adjectives and adverbs.
  • Think about the rooms in your house and choose a spot which makes you feel happy – somewhere you like to spend time. Write a paragraph explaining where that place is and why it is your favourite place – how many reasons can you give?
  • Think about a place in the world which you love – it might be somewhere you have been on holiday, or a friend or family member’s home. Write me a postcard from that place - you could cut a piece of paper or card and draw a picture of the place on the back. Don't forget to describe the location in your postcard.