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Friday 22nd January

*If you have yet to watch Thursday’s video then please do that before watching this one! 

Caught on Camera!

Still image for this video
You came up with some amazing ideas yesterday! Some of your suggestions of what could be inside the egg were:
-A bird
-A horse
-A toy
-A chick

Well Reception, although super guesses, it is something very mythical and magical! A dragon! I think it is a friendly one and I think it definitely likes us because it has left its egg for us to look after! I have spotted it has a saddle, I wonder if it has an owner? I wonder who it could be?

I left the egg in the nest overnight, as it’s important not to take eggs from nests, but today I found a note in the nest that said “please look after this egg”!

Dragon Wanted Poster

Can you make a wanted poster to put up at home?