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Guided Reading

1. Introducing the Text

Tell the story using the pictures. This step is very important as it helps with comprehension skills.

2. Strategy Check

Go through the sounds and tricky words that you will be reading in the story.

3. Independent Reading

Read the story to your grown up. Each page will stay on for 2 minutes to give you time to read the sentences, discuss what is happening and make predictions. If you need longer, just pause the video. If you have finished that page, just move the video along to the next page.

Optional: Read along with Miss Purcell

4. Discussion for after the story

What was the role of each person in the story? Who saw the nest? Who helped? How? What did they see or do? 

Assessment: Can the children sequence the events in the story and explain who did what to move the events on?

5. Drama Activity 

Choose a character from the story (if you can do this in a group with siblings or parents and all choose a character to be this would be beneficial). Act out the story. Think about your character's role. Use sentences/speech from the book. You could act the story out in the garden. You could build a nest near your shed, if you have one, and pretend to find it. 

Assessment: Can the children use sentences appropriately for their part in the play?


6. Reading Activity

Play along with this full circle game which uses the digraphs you read in 'A Robin's Eggs'. You will need the sound cards/wooden/plastic letters: ch, sh, th, ng, p, n, r, c, a, i

7. Writing Activity