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Guided Reading

Bang the Gong 

You may wish to complete these activities over a couple of days or throughout the week. Do what is best for you and your child. 

Guided Reading Planning

Introducing the Text

1. Tell the story using just the pictures.

2. Strategy Check

Look at the tricky words and digraphs that you will be reading in this story.

3. Independent Reading

Read the story to your grown up. Remember the different strategies to help you.

4. Discussions for after the story 

Who is the main character in this story? Do you think it is Mum or Kipper? Who do you think is more important in this story?

Page 1: Look at the picture. What is Mum cooking? Discuss which meal she is making. Look at clues in the pictures: the food on the table, the clothes she is wearing and the clock. Look at the next meal on page 6. Ask the children the same questions: which meal is Mum making now? What is the evidence? When is the next meal? Can children identify it on page 12–13. Which meal is Mum making now?

Discuss how Mum feels when everyone is late to her meals. What idea does she come up with?

Assessment: Can the children use clues in the text and pictures to infer which meal Mum is serving through the course of the day? Can they use clues in the text and pictures to infer how Mum is feeling?

Optional: Read along with Miss Purcell

After reading the story yourselves, you can read along with Miss Purcell if you would like to. Just follow my special torch and say the words and sounds.

5. Follow Up Reading Activities

Re-cap the digraphs 'ch', 'sh', 'ng' and practise word reading.

6. Writing Activity

If you have a printer, print out the sheet attached below for this activity. If you don't have a printer then just paper is fine, you could even have a go at drawing Mum!