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Contractions word mat

Spellings - ways to learn


Times Table Games

4 Times Table Song

Here is the 4 X table song I have introduced you to in class. Please practise at home - with singing of course! I am hoping this way of memorising is more entertaining than learning by the usual rote. You can send me any video clips. The aim is to do so WITHOUT having to look at the screen in order to show me you have learnt these.

Good luck!


Here is a song we have looked at that we will be using after Christmas to help remember the 3 x tables. Ignore the quite random bit in the middle - at least it made the children smile!

8 Time Tables Rock

Educational Rock video reviewing the 8 Time Tables.

Other stuff!

Let's Move! Easy Dance Workouts // A-Ha - Take On Me

Here is the video of dance moves we have started to look at in Year 3. Have fun practising!