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Home Learning June 2021

Hello Year 5,

I'm putting up the whole weeks work in date order. There is a 'Word of the day' each day for your English starter and your daily warm up in maths is to play 5 rounds of 'Countdown' (we need to keep those mental maths skills going!) Mrs Dykes has set you a Topic task for Monday afternoon and I have set you a Topic task which will run over the remaining four days (Tuesday to Friday). Story time is back. Mrs Dykes and I have been recording The Good Thieves by Katherine Rundell. I've just finished reading it and I loved it. It's a story about Vita who, along with some unusual friends, takes on the biggest gangster in New York to 'steal back' something he has taken from her Grandfather. We will continue our Daily Zoom at 10am each day and I will put up a new spelling list for this week.

Mrs Giles

PE with Mr Smythe

Mr Smythe is holding 2 PE sessions this week, Monday and Thursday both at 1.30pm. So get your PE kit on and join in Year 5. The links are below.

Sum5.7.3 - Regular and irregular polygons

Monday English - Lone Wolf

Sum5.7.4 - Reasoning about 3-D shapes

This is "Sum5.7.4 - Reasoning about 3-D shapes" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Tuesday English - Lone Wolf Chapters 1&2

Afternoon Topic Activity - Tuesday to Friday

Sum5.8.1 - Describe position

Wednesday English - Tasks for Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Wednesday English - Lone Wolf Chapters 3&4

Sum5.8.2 - Draw on a grid

Sum5.8.3 - Position in the first quadrant

Friday 18th June

Hello Year 5. These are your tasks for today.

Maths - Quadrilaterals

Get your brain ready with the speed table.

Watch the Vimeo video (I have included the PowerPoint Presentation as well). Today you are looking at the different types of quadrilaterals. Like yesterday’s task, it should be nice and straightforward for you all. If you finish quickly, have a go at the varied fluency and reasoning questions extension sheet. Everyone should be able to complete the main task.

English – Complex Sentence Challenge

Watch the PowerPoint – it has a video with instructions for the task on it.

Your task is to write a short story – either a fairy story or any other story that you know really well. The tricky part is, you can only use complex sentences in your story.

Remember, main clauses make sense on their own and subordinate clauses don’t. If you don’t feel confident, put the main clause at the beginning then add a conjunction and the subordinate clause. I have colour coded them to help you but you don’t have to do this.

e.g. Razzles stole the sausages off the plate because she was being extremely naughty.

                   (main clause)                   (conjunction)       (subordinate clause)

If you are feeling confident, see if you can rearrange your sentence with the same words but starting with the subordinate clause. Don’t forget the comma to separate the two clauses when you do this!

e.g. Because she was being extremely naughty, Razzles stole the sausages off the plate.

(conjunction)       (subordinate clause)             (main clause)

Topic Work – Make your own spacecraft

Your task is to design and build your own spacecraft. I have posted a template of the Apollo 11 mission’s rocket the Saturn V and a template of a space shuttle. However, you are free to design one of your own, make a model of a Star Wars spacecraft or even create an alien space ship! You can use any media you like – paper, card, recyclable materials, Lego, K’Nex – whatever you have available to you. Have fun!

Sum5.7.1 - Quadrilaterals

This is "Sum5.7.1 - Quadrilaterals" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


Still image for this video
The Ugly Duckling