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Home Schooling to Friday 9th Oct

Fifty Nifty United States

A great song naming all fifty of the states within the United States written by Ray Charles.

I'm Thinking Of A Number Guide

I'm Thinking Of A Number Starter Activity

Remember to do these things:
1) Make notes of what is happening to each number as I read the calculations;
2) Once I've read all of the calculations and asked for my original number, pause the video;
3) Work backs from the answer and always use the inverse of what I did to the numbers.
Good Luck!

A guide to using Snapshot Serengeti

B.I.N.G.O... B.I.N.G.O... 6 & 8 times tables

Wednesday's Times Table Bingo Starter

Number Bingo 6 and 9 times tables

Poynton High message for Worth Year 6 from Mr Latch