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This is where you will find your weekly English homework, to be handed in via Seesaw each Tuesday. On assessing the needs of our class, we have decided with our English homework this term to focus on basic skills - reading, spelling, speaking and listening, with some writing activities thrown in too. A printer should not be needed for any of these activities. Your child should have brought home a blue English Homework book and many of the activities can be completed in these books. Others will involve playing a game or completing an activity directly onto Seesaw using a computer or tablet. Should you have technological problems which prevent your child completing their homework please ask your child to tell us as soon as possible and well before the Tuesday deadline so that we can provide an alternative way of completing their work. Each child will receive a team point for every piece of English homework they complete and some weeks there may be an extra point available for a challenge. Please encourage and support your child in completing their homework; it provides a really valuable link between home and school as well as furthering their learning and getting them into good habits ready for later in their learning journey. Thank you for your support in this.