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Isolation Work

If you are not in school with us this week, this is where you will find some work for while you are at home. We know that everyone's circumstances are different and some people will get lots of work done while others may not manage so much. Just do your best and submit what you do on Seesaw. We hope to see you back in school soon.

Week Beginning 6th December 2021



We have looked at the poem 'The Girl Who Went to Space' in class. We are going to use it this week to help us write our own science-fiction poems. Watch the animation below and read the poem again. Look at the structure and identify the rhyming couplets.

The Girl who went to Space.

Complete the worksheet about the moon. There is an example of a poem to read. Use the template to write down useful adjectives. Add some of your own descriptive words and use them to write your own poem about the moon.

Use the page border to write a poem about travelling around the galaxy or focus on describing a chosen planet. 


Use the videos below to introduce you to different types of charts and how to interpret the data from them. Complete the corresponding worksheets.


Interpret charts

Comparison, sum and difference

Week Beginning 29th November 2021


Please read the text of "Iannis the Honey Maker" several times. Can you see the similarities with this story and Arachne the Weaver? (which we read last week, clip below if needed)

In paragraph 1 - highlight the info about what Iannis looks like.

In paragraph 2 - highlight the speech marks.

In paragraph 3 - highlight the adjectives.

Then complete the attached planning sheet about the story of Iannis the honey maker.

Arachne The Weaver


Monday Maths

We are continuing our block on addition and subtraction by practising column subtraction with more than one exchange - have a go at these examples.

Tuesday Maths