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Isolation Work

Here are some activities you can do while you are at home.

English (week beginning 29th November 2021)

  • Have a go at the verb sorting activity below.  This recaps the work we have been doing on past and present verbs.


  • We are looking at Common Exception Words in our quiz this week.  Concentrate on learning to spell some of the ones you find tricky,  The Year 1 and Year 2 lists are on the Year 2 home page.


  • We will read the story 'Somebody Swallowed Stanley' linked to our topic this week of ocean habitats.  Follow the link below to listen to the story and work through the powerpoint about plastic pollution.  There is a comprehension to complete, too.


  • Don't forget to practise your reading each day.  If you have finished your reading book then follow the link below for the Oxford Reading Tree for a selection of online books you can access.


Maths (week beginning 29th November 2021)


As we start to look at subtraction, the White Rose Maths video and activities link below provide a good recap of both what we have covered and what we will look at.  


You can also play some of the games below to help your counting and place value knowledge.





Topic (week beginning 29th November 2021)



This week, we will be looking at ocean habitats.  There is a powerpoint you can work through and a website '' which allows you to see what living things live at different depths of the ocean.  Have a go at the activities all about this.