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Isolation Work

Week Commencing 6th December


I hope anyone reading this message is keeping okay.  Please know you are missed in school but definitely not forgotten! wink


This week, I am putting some times tables and related division facts activities for you to work through.  These are similar to what we are and have been doing in class.  I hope you enjoy the activities.  I will add some additional work on Wednesday, so please keep looking on here.  Thank you!




Please keep practising the 4-times table song below.  The more you do, the more the numbers will stick in your brain and you can use the song to help you this week.

Here are some differentiated multiplication wheels.  There are some you may prefer to do to start with for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.  Then you can more onto the 4-times tables ones.  If you are feeling more ambitious, you can fill out the wheels with the missing numbers on the inside.

There are other activities and games to have a go at.  If you do not have a printer or want to save ink/paper, then you can draw the wheels out and the games you can do on the screen.



Please find below a few reading comprehensions about Christmas to have a go at.  The texts start easier and work their way up to being trickier.  Please choose the level that suits you!

Please find a play script version of The Twits below.  Is is possible to act part of this out?  (Perhaps up to the point where Mr Twit nearly falls off his chair).  You could ask a grown up to act it out with you with one of you being Mr Twit and one of you being Mrs Twit.  You could also read the narrator part out at the beginning.

The parts in brackets are stage directions and these tell you how to act).  If you want to use props you can do!


You will notice there are no speech marks on a play script as most of it is spoken!

Week Commencing 29.11.21


If you are able to complete any work, please begin by looking at the work below that was on for week commencing 22.11.21 and see if there is anything you need to complete there or would like to practise (such as the Maths sheets).


Below are some Maths videos/Powerpoints and things to work through - we are currently having a recap on multiplication, particularly with the 2/5/10 times tables.


For English, I would like you to complete the character profiles sheet for last week (see w/c 22.11.21) as we did not get the chance to complete this in class.  You will need to either read or watch the rest of George's Marvellous Medicine (on Youtube - I cannot upload at the moment!).


I would then like you to write a character profile of a character that you come up with, including a name.  You can then draw a picture of this character.  My example describes the character's behaviour and appearance (what they look like) and I have also put some sayings at the end - you may or may not wish to do that part.  Make your description interesting by using different sentence openers, varying the pronouns you use (instead of just he/she) and using interesting adjectives.


I will add some more activities to do on Wednesday.  I just want to see where we are up to in class.


Good luck! wink



Please practise the 4-times table song in my Handy Hints section.  The more you do, the more your times tables will stick as the song is VERY catchy!

Multiplication - equal groups

Multiplication using the symbol

Using arrays

2 times-table

5 times-table


Homophones cards

We've been looking at homophones for homework recently.  Can you match the question to the homophone?  (If you don't have a printer, you could read the description and try really hard not to cheat and have a go at spelling the homophone!)

When you have done this, take several of the homophones and put into the best sentence you can, trying to use different sentence openers and making the sentence interesting by perhaps adding adjectives.  Underline your homophone.

Example: As the dazzling sun blazed down upon me, I could feel my skin heating up.

George's Marvellous Medicine


Please can you read or watch the rest of George's Marvellous Medicine from wherever you are up to?  (There are lots of videos on Youtube but I currently can't upload them).


I would then like you to complete two jobs.  The first is to write a recount of what happened to Grandma when she had the medicine up until the point where her head is sticking out of the roof.  Please use time language to link your ideas together and underline any time language you do use.  Try not to use "she" or "grandma" all the time in order to make your writing more interesting.



At first, when Grandma took the medicine, she...  After that, the old hag...  Suddenly, the ugly woman...  In the end...


The next job I would like you to do is to fill out the character profile sheet attached based on what you have learnt about in the story.  You can write this out if you don't have a printer.  Use what you have learnt carefully to show me you understand the story.

The Twits


Please read/watch up to the end of the story.  Below is a youtube link.


Your first job is to complete the table.  This is different to how we are doing it in class so don't follow the instructions on the sheet!  I would like you to write reasons in each column as to why Mr Twit or Mrs Twit is the worst then why they are both as bad as a each other.


The bearded fool is worse than Mrs Twit because he plays eats bits of food out of his beard but she is cleaner than him.

Mrs Twit is worse than her husband because she plays the most disgusting trick with the wormy spaghetti.

They are both as bad as each other because they are forever playing tricks on each other and try to get their own back.


Job number 2 is to write some mini dialogues between the characters.  I have attached some pictures you can print and then write the conversation underneath or you can look at the picture and write a conversation if you can't print/want to save paper! 

You might begin by writing in the speech bubbles then writing the proper conversation out.

Below are my rules that you should be familiar with from the homework.


W/C 22.11.21

Column addition and subtraction


We have looked at column addition and subtraction in class.  Please begin with addition with no regrouping, then have a go at regrouping 1s, then 10s and if you are brave, regrouping both!

Watch between 1:50 and 6:40

1:18 and 5:20

Watch from 3:47 to 6:54

Watch from 1:05 to 5:18.

These videos help you to see what happens.