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Isolation Work

Hello Year 5 Isolators,


I'm sorry you are not in school with us this week. This page is where you will be able to find some work to keep you busy. The Maths and English work is the same as work we will be doing in school.


Take care of yourselves and I will see you back in school again soon.


Mrs Giles  smiley 

Tuesday - Timetables

Wednesday - Multiples

Tuesday & Wednesday English.

Go through the Presentation and then for the 6 'The Impact of Bullying' scenarios, create an advice booklet.


  • What the situation is
  • How does the Victim feel
  • What should they do
  • How a friend should help.

Science for Tuesday and Wednesday


We started this in class last week. I have included the Presentation to refresh your memories.


Create the diagram showing the layers of the ocean. Research, draw and label the plants and creatures that live in each layer. Colour the background for each layer appropriately. (Blues and blacks)


Choose one of your favourite 'discoveries' for each layer and create a fact file using the template given or design your own layout.