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January & February Lockdown

Hello Year 5,


I hope you're all well at home.  I'd like to start by saying a big thank you to you and your families for the support and understanding after the announcement on Monday night.  It's definitely not the start to the New Year that any of us would have wanted. Keep your spirits up and do your best. Don’t think that because you are not in school that we don’t think about you. We miss you all greatly and will be ticking the days off until we can all be back together again.


Below is a week by week guide of your home-learning for Year 5.  

Please remember that once you've completed your work, you can upload it to SeeSaw.  I'll be able to look through, congratulate and help when necessary.  


In English, we'll be reading, watching and investigating Greek myths.   All resources will be uploaded for you and there will be lots of drawing as well as writing. In addition, I'm going to read Rooftopppers by Katherine Rundell to you daily and I may throw in a few activities about this just to mix it up and keep it interesting.


Maths will be done in subject areas. We're going to start on Thursday (7th January) with Area & Perimeter.  We'll be using White Rose Maths, where there are written guides and video guides to support you through the lessons.  My planning will guide you to how much you should do and there will be some extra challenges for you to do if you wish. In addition to White Rose Maths, I'll be uploading links to play games and learn different Mathematical methods and skills.


In Science, we're investigating materials.  There'll be an activity each week to do, investigating materials at home.


Afternoon Topic: As both Mr. Smythe and I will be taking and teaching the Year 5/6 bubble in school, we're going to work together on a whole Upper Key Stage 2 Topic - The Vicious Victorians! This is the topic that we were due to start this term. Our topic will cover History, Geography, Art, Music and Computing. 


PE and Sport:  Try to do a physical activity every day, it’s important to keep moving. Bodies and brains need exercise. Joe Wicks is recommencing his daily workouts from Monday and I will post the links to our Boxercise/Aerobic sessions that we did in school for those of you who want to be seriously energetic!


Homework: Science will be the only homework that is set over the course of the Lockdown Period and will come in the form of a half-termly project. This will be uploaded next week and can be completed throughout the half term and over the February holiday.


Spellings and Arithmetic:  There will be a weekly spelling test that you can complete at home on your own or with a family member.  You can upload your test or just test scores to SeeSaw if you wish to.  


I look forward to seeing you and your work, and any other activities you've been up to at home. 


Take care and stay safe


Mrs Giles


Week 1 - Thursday 7th and Friday 8th January

Week 2 - Week beginning Monday, 11th January 

Week 3 - Week beginning Monday, 18th January

Week 4 - Week beginning Monday, 25th January

Week 5 - Week beginning Monday, 1st February

Week 6 - Week beginning Monday, 8th February

World Book Day in School

3-D shape nets for Gaudi buildings

Joan Miro. Brief biography and paintings. great for kids and esl.

English - Week 8 - Planning for week beginning 1st March

Monday starter - Sticky words

Monday Main Activity - Where do authors get inspiration?

World Book Day 2021: Author & Illustrator Academy: Katherine Rundell

IMAGINE A WILD ADVENTURE with Katherine RundellIf you were to go on an exciting and wild adventure, where would you go? Maybe your place is made up, or maybe...

Tuesday starter - What are they saying?

Tuesday Main Activity - Description of a dangerous and daring act.

Walk Scene - Walk through the towers of Notre Dame

Philippe Petit played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt successfully manages to walk through the towers of Notre Dame.

Tuesday - Description of a daring act - example

Wednesday starter - Headline mystery

Wednesday Main Activity - Responding to Skysteppers

Wednesday - Skysteppers excerpt

Thursday starter - Hunt the animal

Thursday & Friday Main Activity - Planning and writing a short story

Friday starter - Word of the day

Monday - Wednesday Maths - Investigating quadrilaterals

Thursday & Friday Maths - Investigating diagonals

Keith Haring Guide

Skyscrapers - Perspective Drawing

Thursday Video 1 - Introduction to improper fractions

Thursday Video 2 - Introduction to mixed number fractions

Wednesday 24th February - Number sequences

Compare & order fractions less than 1 Thursday 25 & Friday 26th February

Maths Home Learning Week 7 - 22nd - 26th February

English - Monday 22nd February

Lesson 1 - Note Taking, Bullet Points, Semi Colons

English - Tuesday 23rd February

Lesson 2 - Using Conjunctions and Connectives

English - Wednesday 24th February

English - Thursday 25th February

English - Friday 26th February

Hello Year 5 - 08-02-2021

Fantastic Fractions - Friday 12th February

#DrawWithRob 18 Unicorn

Tuesday - In English, you need to draw a unicorn. If, like me, drawing is not your greatest strength then Rob will guide you step by step on how to draw an amazing unicorn.

Tuesday- Introduction to equivalent fractions

Mrs Giles's introduction to fractions

Weekly Guide - February 8th to 12th - Magical and Mythological Creature Poetry

English Starter Lesson 1 - 8th February

Lesson 1 - The Picnic by Marian Swinger

Lesson 1 - Poetic Features Guide

English - Lesson 2 - Tuesday 9th February - To See A Unicorn

Lesson 2 Starter - Scintillating Similes

Lesson 2 - To See A Unicorn by Adrian Mitchell

Lesson 2 To See A Unicorn Task

Mrs Giles - Skimbleshanks The Railway Cat by T S Eliot

Mrs Cherry - On The Ning Nang Nong by Spike Milligan

English Starter Lesson 3 - 10th February

Lesson 3 - Guide to Non-Chronological Reports - Fact-Files

English - Lesson 4 - Thursday 11th February - Writing Your Own Poem

English Starter Lesson 4 - 11th February

Lessons 4 & 5 Your Poem Guide

Lessons 4 & 5 - The Manticore

English - Lesson 5 - Friday 12th February - Your Own Poem

Please use the information from the planning sheet and the weekly guide video to help you with this lesson.  

English Starter Lesson 5 - 12th February

Short division - 'Bus stop' method with Mrs Giles

Week 5 - Maths Home Learning - Week beginning 1st February

Week 5 - English Starter 1 - February 1st

A Guide to Completing Scene Details Sheet Monday 1st Feb

Week 5 - Lucy discovers Narnia - February 1st

While playing HIde-and-seek, Lucy Pevensie walks into a room and found a covered wardrobe. She removed the cloak that covers the wardrobe and opened it and e...

Week 5 - English Starter 2 - February 2nd

A Guide to Screenplays

Week 5 - English Starter 3 - February 3rd

Week 5 - English Starter 4 - February 4th

A Guide to Newspaper Reports

Week 5 - English Starter 5 - February 5th

Friday 5th February - Movie Poster Task

Long Multiplication with Mrs Giles

This video will show you our method for multiplying a 3-digit number by a by 2-digit number. Hope it helps make it all a little clearer for you.

Writing your own story

Week 4 - Maths Home Learning - Week beginning 25.01.21

Tuesday 26th Jan - Method for Long Multiplication


Thursday Grammar, Vocabulary and Punctuation Starter

Cinquain Poetry Video Friday