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5. Make posters/invitations to invite your family to your parade!

Once you have designed your outfit, you will need to let your family know that there will be a parade taking place! On your posters/invitations you will need to include things like:

-Where the parade will take place. Will it be in the living room, the garden, your bedroom?

-What date and time will the parade be?

-What do they need to wear? Will they need a costume?


Then you can host your very own parade, dressed in your handmade parade outfit! Don't forget to upload lots of pictures to Tapestry! 

4. Design and Label a Parade Costume 

Julian makes his mermaid costume using items from around the house. Can you see which items Julian used? If you were going to the Mermaid Parade, what would you want your costume to look like? Can you design a costume that you could make using items from around your house? Label your costume. E.g. if you have drawn a blanket for the tail, make sure you write blanket next to this or if you have used flowers in your hair, make sure you write flowers next to it. If you prefer, you could make up your own parade based on what you would like to be. It could be the Dinosaur Parade or the Princess Parade! In this case, design and label a costume for your parade. 


2/3. Julian is a Mermaid Activities

Have a go at the two activities above. If you do not have a printer, you can just draw your own. Have a go at writing some sentences to go with your pictures. E.g. Activity 1: 'My mermaid tail would be green and red.' or 'My mermaid tail would sparkle.' Activity 2: 'When I look in the mirror I see a ballet dancer.' or 'I want to be a lion.' Remember to sound your words out using your robot arms and use your sound mat to help you find the sounds you can hear. Don't forget finger spaces between your words to make it clear to read. 

1. Julian is a Mermaid Discussion Questions

Julian is a Mermaid

Iggy Peck Architect

You might want to listen to this story before starting your Robot City project to help you think about what an architect is!

The Literacy Shed Videos 

Below are links to some short robot animations. The stories have no spoken words, just music. These are a great stimulus for descriptive discussion around story. As you watch the animations, give your child lots of opportunity to describe what is happening, what can they see, what do they think will happen next, how are the characters feeling, etc. Encourage them to use lots of descriptive language and give them new words and vocabulary to use to talk about what is happening. Your child may wish to tell you the story in their own words once the animation has finished. You could scribe this for them (with them contributing some writing such as tricky words or phonetically simple words), and you can send this to me on Tapestry for me to read out. There are also activity ideas under each video. 

The Three Little Aliens and The Big Bad Robot

Can you sort the similarities and differences between The Three Little Aliens and The Big Bad Robot and The Three Little Pigs into a Venn Diagram? (I recommend doing this on larger paper if possible.)

Boy and Bot

When Boy goes to sleep, Bot thinks he has malfunctioned and tries to help Boy by putting oil in his ear! Can you help Bot by writing him an instruction manual all about humans? You might want to do this over a few days. You could write a page about sleep, exercise,, keeping clean (brushing teeth), etc...
This could be a good opportunity to explore healthy eating too. Think about whether doughnuts are healthy or unhealthy. Sort some of the foods in your kitchen into healthy and unhealthy foods. Remember it's OK to eat unhealthy food as a treat, just not all the time.

BBC Learning - What Do Humans Need To Stay Healthy

Use this video as a starting point for your instruction manual, you may wish to do some more research with your grown up.

Robot Rumpus

Mum and Dad go out for the evening, leaving robots in charge at home! Little do they know it's all about to go horribly wrong!
Would you like robots to be left in charge of looking after you? Have a go at writing a letter to your Mum and/or Dad persuading them to either let robots look after you, or to persuade them to never leave robots in charge! It might go something like this:

To Mum and Dad,
Please do not let robots look after me. They are too silly.
From Bob


To Mum and Dad,
Please let robots look after me. It would be fun!
Love Bob

Remember to try and spell your tricky words correctly, but the rest of the words can be written by sounding them out and writing the sounds you hear (grown ups- this means some words will not be spelled correctly and that is OK). Try and remember to put finger spaces between your words.

Can I Build Another Me?

Kevin is fed up with doing all the things he doesn't like doing, like homework and tidying up. So, he buys a robot and tries to teach the robot all about himself, so that the robot can pretend to be Kevin! But, this isn't as easy as Kevin thought...
If you were to teach your robot how to be you, what would you tell it?
Can you write a list of 5 (10 if you want) things that would be the most important things for your robot to know about you? Or you could could write different lists for different things your robot will need to know (you could do this over a few days). For example, 'Top 5 foods I love', 'Top 5 foods I don't like', 'Top 5 games I love playing', 'Top 5 places I love going', 'Top 5 things I think are boring'... etc.
*Parents* Once your child has junk modeled a robot, why not leave secret messages from the robot around your house for your child to discover? The robot could be asking questions like 'What is your favourite toy?', 'Do you have a pet?', 'What is your Mum called?' etc... This will hopefully be a great way of motivating your child to write as they will probably be keen to reply to their robot's messages and hide them for their robot to find! You could write a new message for them to find each morning.

The Robot and the Bluebird

Just a warning for the Parents- this one is a bit of a tear-jerker!
The Robot in this story demonstrates a huge act of kindness towards the Bluebird. Can you write a message/letter from the Bluebird to the Robot saying thank you? What do you think the Bluebird would want to say to the Robot? If you have made your own junk model robot, why not put your message in your robots heart.
You could also have a go at writing a message/letter to someone who has done something kind for you, to say thank you.

Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell

There are no follow up activities for this story, it's just for your enjoyment!

Donuts The Hole Story

Did you know that donuts come alive in donut shops at night time?!
There are no follow up activities for this story, it's just for your enjoyment! Unless, 'eat a doughnut' counts as a follow up activity!


Still image for this video
Miss Purcell demonstrates how to write the letters j, v, w, x, y, z (this one is tricky, just have a go but don’t feel you have to do it like this in your writing!) and the sound qu.


Still image for this video
Miss Purcell demonstrates how to write the letters e, u, r, h, b, f and l in your rainbow handwriting books.

Where the Wild Things Are

If I Were a Wild Thing...

Production - Where the Wild Things Are

Maybe you could have a go at acting out the story? You could make some stick puppets to put on your own Where the Wild Things Are show. Don't forget to make tickets and posters!

I can see... sentence pictures

What can you see in this mythical forest?
What can you see on this tree trunk?
What can you see in this magical forest?
What can you see in this branch?

Song of The Gorse Fairy

Still image for this video

Song of The Forget-Me-Not Fairy

Still image for this video

Song of The Dandelion Fairy

Still image for this video

Song of The Bluebell Fairy

Still image for this video

Look Up!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Handwriting m, d, g, o, c, k

Still image for this video
Miss Purcell demonstrates how to write the letters m, d, g, o, c, k in your rainbow handwriting book.

Paintings by the artist Yerka. Write an 'I can see..' sentence about the pictures. Choose a different picture each day.

The Snail and the Whale with Makaton - World Book Day 2019

We are delighted to present this collaborative project of Julia Donaldson's "The Snail and the Whale" with #Makaton signing for #WorldBookDay2019. This video...

The Tiger Who Came to Tea Home Learning Week Commencing 30th March

Still image for this video
Here is Miss Purcell reading The Tiger Who Came to Tea and explaining the home learning opportunities for this week. This week’s maths learning is halving and sharing, so don’t forget to check out the maths section of the home learning area where I teach Tiger Who Came to Tea how to share out the food equally into two equal parts.

How to Make a Lift the Flap Book

Can you make a lift the flap book based on ‘How to Hide a Lion’? The lion could be hiding under different things. You could write ‘I would hide a lion under a...’. Have fun!

The Big Reveal!

Still image for this video
Find out who was knocking at Miss Purcell’s door! You could turn this into a writing opportunity by asking your child to write down where they would hide a lion! You could make a lift the flap book with a lion hiding under different things!

Who is at Miss Purcell’s door? Writing Challenge

Still image for this video
Write your prediction in your writing challenge book (or just on paper/straight onto Tapestry if you don’t have your writing challenge book). Send your predictions to me on Tapestry and tune in later to find out who it is!

Handwriting Practise SATPIN

Still image for this video
Here is Miss Purcell demonstrating how to form the letters s, a, t, p, i and n using our cursive letter formation. You should all have a rainbow book in your home learning pack. If you do not have your home learning pack then just practise on some paper using pens, pencils, paints etc! Or you could use your finger to draw the letters in the air, on your hand, or on someone’s back! Maybe you could get a scarf or piece of material and dance practise them in the air, just like when we do squiggle as you wiggle! Have fun.

Read ‘Naughty Bus’ with Miss Purcell!

Still image for this video
Listen out for the sound effects, Miss Purcell is getting a little techno savvy now!

Naughty Bus Activity Ideas

Still image for this video
If you enjoyed the story Naughty Bus then here are some activity ideas for you to try at home based on the book. I have also uploaded a double decker doubling game to the maths area on our home learning page for you to print and play.

Naughty Bus Writing Challenge

Still image for this video
Your writing challenge based around Naughty Bus is to make your own story influenced by this one. Take a Naughty Bus, or Naughty Car, or Naughty Aeroplane on adventures around your house. Take photographs, just like the pictures in the book are like photographs. You can then choose to write your own mini book, write sentences in your writing challenge book or type some sentences onto Tapestry next to your pictures about what happened on the adventures. Have fun!

Writing Challenge 24th March

Still image for this video
After listening to the story 'How to be a Superhero!' below, have a go at designing and labeling your own superhero costume! Maybe you could then make your own costume and play superheros, or you could build a superhero city with your construction toys!

Story 24th March

Still image for this video
Read 'How to Be a Superhero!' with Miss Purcell.

Story and Writing Challenge 23rd March

Still image for this video
Read 'What's in the Witch's Kitchen?' with Miss Purcell and write a list of what you think is in the kitchen as we go!