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Lockdown Spellings

Hello Year 6,

Below are the weekly spellings for the beginning of each week.  By Friday, I would like you to have watched my spelling video from the week; practised your spellings and given the test a go using my test video. 

Good Luck,

Mr. Smythe


Below is a video on BBC bitesize to help you with spelling rules, especially those with silent letters and tricky words.

Spellings Week Beginning 25th January - Silent Letters

Spellings for Week Beginning 25th January


Words with One or More Silent Letters

1. champagne

2. wrestle

3. mnemonic

4. whistle

5. conscious

6. plumber

7. solemn

8. glistening

9. knowledge

10. Wednesday


Spelling Test Video Week Beginning 25th January

Spellings for Week Beginning 1st February


Tricky Words Week 1

1. awkward

2. excellent

3. sincerely

4. symbol

5. temperature

6. separate

7. available 

8. committee

9. government

10. parliament

Spelling Test Video - Week Beginning 1st February

Spellings for Week Beginning 8th February


Tricky Words Week 2

1. twelfth

2. dictionary

3. stationary

4. stationery

5. equipment

6. interrupt

7. desperate 

8. suggestion

9. correspond

10. especially

Spelling Test Video - Week Beginning 8th February