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Maths - Monday 5.7.21 (Practical capacity activity)


Below are a series of videos demonstrating what to do.


You will need:

  • Between 5 and 10 containers of differing sizes;
  • A measuring jug;
  • Water (in a larger container/jug to fill smaller containers)!;
  • Food colouring/cordial;
  • Rough clothes.


I recommend carrying this activity out OUTDOORS and on the ground where spillages don't matter!  I also recommend doing this in rough clothes for the same reason.  You may use cordial instead of food colouring if you don't have any or don't want to stain things accidentally!


HAVE FUN! laugh

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5



Stone Age people did not understand numbers as we do. Archaeologists have found tally markings in caves that they think might be Stone Age counting. Can you come up with your own method of counting? You might want to choose symbols to mean certain amounts. Will you count in sets of 10 or will your counting system work in another way?


The drawings below were found in La Pileta cave in Spain and could be up to 25000 years old.
What do you think these drawings represent?

Could they be about counting things?
What might Stone Age people count?
Might they be the earliest known number patterns?

Maths - w/c 28.6.21

Maths overview for this week

Monday 28.6.21


Please find a quick video and the suggested activities to do below.

Mass 28.6.21

Tuesday 29.6.21 and Wednesday 30.6.21 - Temperature

Temperature 1

Temperature 2

Temperature game


Please watch my idea below for a game.  You simply need some scraps of paper, a pen (and a brain of course!)

Temp game

Temperature - negative numbers.  Additional challenge.


Below are some videos explaining this and activities to support this.  This is to complete if you wanted more of a challenge so DO NOT worry if you don't want to do this or can't! wink

Negative temp 1

Negative temp 2

Negative temp 3

Thursday 1.7.21 and Friday 2.7.21 - Capacity and Volume

Volume & Cap

Explanation of games

Capacity and volume games

Maths w/c 1.3.21

Money games to keep practising on:

These days are going to be our last at looking at money but do keep practising at home with this.

Topmarks games you may also wish to play to practise money skills:

There are different levels of difficulty if you go to any of the “Counting” section.
You can play in both sections of this game.  There are easy and hard levels.

Monday 1.3.21 and Tuesday 2.3.21 - Change

Wednesday 3.3.21 - Egyptian Number System

Thursday 4.3.21 - Directions

Friday 5.3.21 - Angles

You might use the right angle finder below to find right angles around your house or outside...  You can make the kite one even if you don't have a printer by using the corner/vertex of a piece of paper.

Maths w/c 22.2.21

Monday 22.2.21 - Recap on Money so far...

Tuesday 23.2.21 - £ and p (decimal format)

Recap on Converting Between £ and p

Top Marks Game

You may use the link below for the game I asked you to look at before half-term on making amounts of money.  This time, you may wish to be more ambitious and try: Toy Shop Money game, “mixed coins”, “exact money” and the "£1 to £5" option or the "£1 to £10" option.

Amounts larger than £1 will be in decimal format.

Wednesday 24.2.21 - Adding Money

Thursday 25.2.21 - Adding Money continued...

In the below, you will need to add different prices up.  Please choose your level of difficulty and add up the amounts however you want to using whichever method(s) you are comfortable with doing any necessary workings.

Friday 26.2.21 - Taking Away Money

NOTE: If you wanted to, you could complete the calculations using column subtraction.  I am not encouraging this at this stage because like when adding money (before I showed the formal method) it is important to be able to count forwards and backwards with the coins to begin with.  The reason for this is in a shop you would have to work more mentally rather than writing workings in columns.

Maths w/c 8.2.21

Top Marks Game:

Use the link below for a game on making amounts of money: Toy Shop Money game, select “mixed coins”, “exact money” and “up to £1.” 


PLEASE NOTE: This week, I have put more than enough activities on each day.  It doesn't mean you have to complete every single activity!!!  On Friday, you can choose to go back to any activities you would like to complete and see what you remember.

Monday 8.2.21 - Recognising Coins and Counting in £ OR p

Please complete the how much money is in the jar activity - first page only.

If you want to do the "Golden Coin" activity, you may be able to count some of the trickier amounts shown.


If you quickly count the amounts, there are 2 worksheets to quickly work your way through too where you can choose which pages to do!

Complete page 2 of how much money is in the jars activity.  You can cut and stick the coins or draw them into the jar.

If you then have time, complete page 1 of making amounts with coins activity.  You can really go to town with this if you desire.  Remember to make life easier and put the BIGGEST value of coin first.


If you wanted to do the "Golden Coin" activity, you could do some of the much trickier amounts on these sheets.

Complete pounds and pence activity.  If you desire, you can move onto pounds and pence 2 activity.  This is trickier.

Friday 12.2.21 - Consolidation/finishing off

Complete any of the activities you would like (except for Golden Coin ones unless you want to).

There is another activity below too.  You can also play on the Top Marks game.

Maths - w/c 1.2.21

Key to pictograms

My video from last week - if you need as a reminder

Tuesday 2.2.21 - Drawing bar charts

Maths w/c 25.1.21

Blank Pyramids

Monday 25.1.21

Tuesday 26.1.21

Wednesday 27.1.21

Note: I decided NOT to do Pyramid number 3 so there is not another video!
The videos you need to watch for THURSDAY 28th Jan are below.  Enjoy and good luck!

Pizza tally

Pizza Tally 2

I will be adding the data (and video) for the content on Thursday 28th January on Wednesday evening once I have put all the pizza data together that I have gathered from home and school so watch this space...

Key to pictograms - Friday 29.1.21

Maths - w/c 18.1.21

Having seen your work on Seesaw and in class, you are doing brilliantly but please ensure you line numbers up accurately and pay REALLY close attention to if you are adding or taking away.  Also make sure you copy any numbers down accurately or you will get the answer wrong even if you work your calculation out correctly!  This is advice you were given yesterday so please do take care! smiley

Maths w/c 11.1.21
Maths Tuesday 12th - Friday 15th January

Maths warm up 11.1.21

Column Addition 3-digit + 3-digit

Column Addition 2-digit and 3-digit

Maths Explanation 7 1 21