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Hi everyone, just a little note on our Maths homework for this term.


Some weeks will have a selection of different activities. Please encourage your child to chose the most appropriate challenge for them.  Some weeks, it may cover previous learning while other weeks, it will focus on our current learning. If there are multiple questions (like in week 1) please only complete a selection of the questions, you are not expected to do them all. 


Please continue to do times tables weekly (see times tables icon), recording your score and time on seesaw.

Thank you as always, Mrs White

Week 1 - fraction revision - to be submitted on Thursday, May 4th. Choose the correct challenge for you - you're not expected to complete all questions on that challenge (read the notes above please).

Week 2 - Due Thursday, May 11th - Please read the notes provided on the attached document.

Week 3 - Due Thursday, May 18th. *Please choose between the two options: 1) Column Method Addition and Subtraction Revision 2) Converting Length Word Problems