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The White Rose Hub Schemes of learning that we follow at school are planned carefully by specialists to ensure that young children have an in depth understanding of number and that they have mastered basic number skills to become confident and capable mathematicians. This scheme encourages much more deep thinking than simple rote learning and counting. The children are encouraged to explain and justify their reasoning. Make sure you are asking them why they have given a certain answer, could the answer be anything else, why/why not, can they show you in another way, etc. You may feel that your child is finding it easy. However, all these skills build upon each other to enable your child to have a concrete foundation for their future learning. If you do want to challenge your child further, please see the 'Alive in 5' scheme of learning attached. In this document you can find many more activities in different contexts to explore together. They are very practical for early years children, but you can always extend your child's learning by encouraging them to write down the numerals and number sentences to accompany their practical explorations. You will also find pages with the title 'Digging Deeper', these pages will give you ideas on how to further challenge your child's understanding and ensure they have truly mastered a concept.