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Maths Homework

Maths Challenge – Week Commencing  28th June (to be completed by the following Thursday – 8th July)


This week I am attaching a variety of Mental Maths questions for you to have a go at.  There are a big mix of questions to have a go at!  See what you can do purely in your head or do any necessary jottings.  The questions start easier and become trickier... You do not need to print out but can write answers in order to save ink and paper!


You DO NOT complete all of these but select from them!  Good luck!

Maths Challenge – Week Commencing 21st June (to be completed by the following Thursday – 1st July)


For your Maths this week, I would like you to do some mental maths games.  There are the following:

You can drag and click 3 dice/numbers and “throw” them.  The idea is to add the three numbers up mentally as quickly as you can.  How will you do this?  Will you start with the biggest number or find a number bond to help you?


Play any of the games you like on “Hit the Button” on Topmarks or on “Daily 10.”  Choose any of Level 3 on Daily 10.  If you are up for a real challenge, try some of the Level 4 stuff.

These are like dominoes where you drag the correct answers.  You can choose what you want to do.


Let me know how you go on and which games you enjoy!

Maths Challenge – Week Commencing 14th June (to be completed by the following Thursday – 24th June)


So it is back to performance time…  You have probably guessed that I would like this week to be some sort of 8-times table performance. 


There is already a link on our website.  This is rather fast but if you want to do a performance to this you are more than welcome to.  Another few links you may like to use are below.  You could even make up a song/rap of your own if you would prefer.

8 Time Tables Rock

Educational Rock video reviewing the 8 Time Tables.

8 Times Table Song (Cover of Rolling In The Deep by Adele)

Maths Challenge – Week Commencing 24th May (to be completed by the first Thursday back – 17th June)


It is really important to keep going with your times tables over the next few weeks.  I would like you to practise all the times tables that are important in Year 3 (3, 4s and 8s).  Below are the links again to the games to help you out.


Perhaps start with the times tables you are more confident with (probably the 4s)!


Throw in some 2s, 5s and 10s too to keep these going.  For an extra challenge you can move onto other times tables which will prepare you better for Year 4!. 


Send me photos, videos, timings etc.  I can’t wait to see these!


Remember: little and often does the job!!!

Maths Challenge – Week Commencing 17th May (to be completed by the following Thursday – 27th May)


You have probably guessed it, but this week it is all about your 8-times tables!  I know these are the ones you may be the least confident about but think about what you already know or can work out pretty easily which I bet are these…

1)  0 x 8

2)  1 x 8

3)  2 x 8

4)  3 x 8 (if you know your 3-times tables)

5)  4 x 8 (if you know your 4-times tables)

6)  5 x 8 (you know your 5-times tables)

7)  8 x 8 (using Mrs Johnson’s rhyme)

8) 9 x 8 (using the cheat method)

9) 10 x 8

10) 11 x 8

So for 6 x 8, you can just add on 8 to 5 x 8.  5 x 8 = 40, + 8 = 48.

Or for 7 x 8, you can add on another 8 to 6 x 8, which is 56.

Or for 12 x 8, add 8 onto 11 x 8.  11 x 8 = 88, + 8 = 96.


Challenges this week:

  • See how fast you can write your 8-times tables out in order.  Repeat again and again.  Can you beat your time?
  • Attached is a space game – you can print it off or copy the numbers and challenge yourself to see how fast you can do this once you have practiced your tables!  You could even write the numbers outside in chalk then write the answers outside.  I am happy for you to do this however you wish.

Repeat another day or time and see how fast you can be again!

Please send photos of times/videos of your child doing this, etc.  I look forward to seeing how you get on!

Maths Challenge – Week Commencing 10th May (to be completed by the following Thursday – 20th May)


This week you will be looking at your 3 AND 4 times tables. I will be testing you on a mixture next week.  Find below some links to games you should be familiar with to have a practice of these times tables, which can easily be selected.  You can send me pictures, scores/times or videos of you doing any of these.  For an extra challenge, you can always do division facts for these times tables too!  Good luck and don't forget to be as speedy as possible! smiley

Maths Challenge – Week Commencing 3rd May (to be completed by the following Thursday – 13th May)


Your Maths Challenge for this week relates to your 3-times tables.  In a similar way to last time, I would like you to watch the funny 3-times tables rap video in our “Handy Hints” section.  I would like you to do actions (and more importantly sing along) to the rap.  You may also use props if you desire but this isn’t the important part.  As per last week, the aim is to do this WITHOUT looking at the screen.  Grown- ups: it is up to you to make sure your child is not cheating! 😉


Again, you may make up an alternative to this!  You will be tested on your 3-times tables in a random order on Thursday next week.

Maths Challenge – Week Commencing 26th April (to be completed by the following Thursday – 6th May)

Your Maths Challenge for this week relates to a times table we should all be more familiar with… That’s right, your 4 x tables!


In Year 3, we have used the “I’m Still Standing” song to help us remember our 4 x tables.  (You can find this in my "Handy Hints" section).  Please KEEP WORKING on your 4 x tables on a regular basis, as it is essential.  Your aim is to perform to this song WITHOUT looking at the lyrics because this will show me you can recite these.  You can use props if you desire (like a microphone or sunglasses) but the real aim here is to show me you know your 4 x tables.  Please send me videos on Seesaw.  I look forward to watching.


Extra challenge should you be up for it…  You could come up with a song/rap of your own! cool

There are also extra games you can play on a regular basis in my Handy Hints section.

Maths Homework Explanation

Week 3 (Comparing Numbers) - W/C 19th Oct (due in by Fri 23rd Oct)

Week 4 (Ordering ) - W/C 2nd Nov (due in by Fri 6th Nov)

Apologies - I did not attach any numbers.  Please make up your own to your own level of challenge!

Thanks everyone! smiley

Week 5 (Missing numbers - Multiples of 10) - W/C 9th Nov (due in by Fri 13th Nov)

Week 6 (Missing Numbers - Adding and Taking Away Ones) - W/C 16th (due in by Fri 20th Nov)

Week 7 - Mental Maths (to be tested on Thursday 3rd December and Thursday 10th December)

Week 9 - Mental Maths (to be tested on Thursday 17th December)