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Maths Homework

Maths Homework Explanation

Please note: There will always be tasks where you do not have to print each week and can copy and do straight into your books or complete an online game.  I am all for saving ink and paper to help the environment and save money! wink

Week 1 (Place Value) - W/C 13th Sept (due in by Fri 17th Sept)

You can use the number generators above, or alternatively come up with your own numbers!

Week 4 (Comparing Numbers) - W/C 4th Oct (due in by Fri 8th Oct)

Week 5 (Ordering ) - W/C 11th Oct (due in by Fri 15th Oct)

Week 6 (Adding and subtracting multiples of 10 within 100) - W/C 18th Oct (due in by Fri 22nd Oct)

You can use the hundred square above interactively if you wish!  If you don't need a hundred square, that's just a bonus!

Week 7 (Adding and taking away 10) - W/C 1st Nov (due in by Fri 5th Nov)

Week 8 (Adding and taking away multiples of 10 up to 1000) - W/C 1st Nov (due in by Fri 5th Nov)