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Maths Homework



Week 1 (Calculating Perimeter) - W/C 10th January (due in by Thursday 20th January)


In Maths, we have looked at the perimeter of different shapes in class.  There are a set of rectangles/squares where you will need to work the perimeter out and then match them to the relevant card.


Spuddy’s Super Bonus: Work out the perimeter of more complicated shapes that I will also print out for you.


Spuddy's Hot Potato Bonus: Write down the name of the shape inside it.


I will print the homework out this week, as it might be tricky to copy the shapes out.  I will hand this out on Monday 10th January for all the children.


Week 2 (Measuring Perimeter) - W/C 17th January (due in by Thursday 27th January)


In Maths this week, I would like you to measure then calculate the perimeter of different shapes.


Again, I will print the homework this week in order for you to complete it as the shapes need to be to scale.  I will hand this out on Monday 17th January.


You DO NOT have to complete all the shapes!


Spuddy’s Super Bonus: Write the names of the shapes inside the shapes.

Week 3 (Pictograms) - W/C 24th January (due in by Thursday 3rd February)


In Maths, we are looking at data/statistics.  Please complete the attached questions related to pictograms.  If you don’t have a printer, please answer the questions by looking at the data on the screen.  There are three pictograms attached – it is up to you which one you complete or if you want to complete more than that, that is also your decision.


The Spuddy Bonus is to come up with some questions of your own to ask about the pictograms.

Week 4 (Fractions) - W/C 31st January (due in by Thursday 10th February)


We are beginning to look at fractions in class.  This can be a tricky concept, but I hope your child will be more confident when they start to work on this in class. 


This week I would like you to shade in the relevant fractions on the attached shapes.  Remember: the top of the fraction (numerator) tells you how many pieces to shade in and the bottom of the fraction (denominator) gives you the total number of pieces.  We will look at this in class, so DO NOT complete until we do.  It shouldn't take you too long to do so so don't worry!


This week I will be printing the homework to give to you.  Some of you will be offered a challenge in the form of thinking that little bit more about what you need to be shading in.  Good luck! wink



















Extra column addition and subtraction!


If anyone would like to do some extra column addition and subtraction, there is a link to a website below that has several worksheets.  At the moment, your child can have a go at any of the ones that say "no regrouping."  You can ask them to copy the calculations, rather than having to print.


There is no obligation to do this - it is just that some of the children seem keen on this!

Maths Homework Explanation

Please note: There will always be tasks where you do not have to print each week and can copy and do straight into your books or complete an online game.  I am all for saving ink and paper to help the environment and save money! wink

Week 1 (Place Value) - W/C 13th Sept (due in by Fri 17th Sept)

You can use the number generators above, or alternatively come up with your own numbers!

Week 4 (Comparing Numbers) - W/C 4th Oct (due in by Fri 8th Oct)

Week 5 (Ordering ) - W/C 11th Oct (due in by Fri 15th Oct)

Week 6 (Adding and subtracting multiples of 10 within 100) - W/C 18th Oct (due in by Fri 22nd Oct)

You can use the hundred square above interactively if you wish!  If you don't need a hundred square, that's just a bonus!

Week 7 (Adding and taking away 10) - W/C 1st Nov (due in by Fri 5th Nov)

Week 8 (Adding and taking away multiples of 10 up to 1000) - W/C 1st Nov (due in by Fri 5th Nov)



Thank you!