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Maths Homework

Maths Homework Explanation

Week 3 (Comparing Numbers) - W/C 19th Oct (due in by Fri 23rd Oct)

Week 4 (Ordering ) - W/C 2nd Nov (due in by Fri 6th Nov)

Apologies - I did not attach any numbers.  Please make up your own to your own level of challenge!

Thanks everyone! smiley

Week 5 (Missing numbers - Multiples of 10) - W/C 9th Nov (due in by Fri 13th Nov)

Week 6 (Missing Numbers - Adding and Taking Away Ones) - W/C 16th (due in by Fri 20th Nov)

Week 7 - Mental Maths (to be tested on Thursday 3rd December and Thursday 10th December)

Week 9 - Mental Maths (to be tested on Thursday 17th December)