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Monday 11th January

  • Watch Miss Purcell telling the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Try to join in if you can. 


  • Set up your own Goldilocks role play area. Find props around your house that you can use. E.g. 3 bowls, 3 chairs, 3 cushions (beds), 3 teddy bears. Try to find different sized things, such as a small bowl, a medium sized bowl an a large bowl. If you can, leave your role play area set up all week so that you can play in it every day and become more confident retelling and acting out the story. If you have siblings then get them to join in and play too, or a grown up! Try to use expression in your voice for characters like a loud voice for Daddy Bear and try to use some of the repeated refrains such as "Who has been sleeping in my bed?!" I would love to see some pictures/videos of your role play area! 


  • Find some books in your house that have bear characters in or are set in the woods, just like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Put them in a box in your role play area so you can look at them as you play. 

Here are some ideas... you could make masks/stick puppets to add!