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Monday 18th January

Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs

Listen to this alternative version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. As you listen, think about the things that are similar and different between this version and the traditional version.
We have done in this in school when we compared The Little Red Hen and The Little Green Witch and also The Gingerbread Man and Chapatti Moon, so you should be good at this!

Venn Diagram

Draw a Venn Diagram so you can record your ideas about the things that were similar and the things that were different. I explain how to do this in the video below.

*PARENTS* Here are some ideas for you to encourage your child to think about if they are struggling:

-Did the bears want Goldilocks to go into their house? Did the dinosaurs want Goldilocks to go into their house?

-What did Goldilocks eat in the stories? 

-Was there a baby in each story or just one?

-Were the chairs too tall in both stories?

-Did Goldilocks have to climb a ladder in both stories?

-Did the bears want to eat Goldilocks? Did the dinosaurs want to eat Goldilocks? 

-Did Goldilocks go to sleep in both stories? 

-Were there woods in both stories? 

-Was there a cottage in both stories? 

-How many bowls were there in each story? How many chairs? How many beds?

-Was there a house in both stories? 


Remember, you can draw pictures or your grown up can write down your answers.