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Monday 1st March

1. Building 9 & 10 - Wk 1 - Session 1 - Representing and Sorting 9 and 10

Draw or build a 10s frame. Collect some items from around your house to use in your 10s frame. Explore how many ways you can make 9 and then 10. 


Here are some of examples of how you could do this. If you would like an extra challenge, as you explore making 9 and 10 practically with items from around your house, you could have a go at writing the addition sentence to go with this. 


-You could put 4 blue buttons and 5 red buttons to represent 9 (4+5=9)

-You could put 2 pieces of pasta and 7 leaves to represent 9 (2+7=9)

-You could put 8 pieces of green Lego and 2 pieces of yellow Lego to represent 10 (8+2=10)

-You could put 6 shells and 4 coins to represent 10 (6+4=10)