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Monday 22nd & Tuesday 23rd February

The Seasons 

Our new topic is going to be about one of the 4 seasons. 


Do you know what the word seasons means? The seasons are the four parts of the year which change due to the weather and daylight hours. 


Do you know what the season is at the moment? Today and tomorrow it is your job to be a nature detective and try to work out what the season is at the moment. You will need to go on a walk, or into the garden, and look for clues as to which season it could be. 


Once you have decided which season you think it is, you need to present this to Miss Purcell. You could make a poster, a book or even a little film to explain what you think the season is and why. Please upload this to Tapestry (videos can be no longer than 10 mins for Tapestry). You may wish to bring anything you have made to our Zoom on Tuesday when we will be discussing our findings.


Try to explain, reason and justify your ideas. You might say/write things like this:

"I think it is winter because there are no leaves on some of the trees."

"I think it is spring because I can see daffodil shoots growing."

"I don't think it is spring yet because there are no lambs in the fields."

"I don't think it is winter because there isn't any snow on the ground."

"I don't think it is summer because it is too cold to wear my swimming costume outside."

"It can't be autumn because there are no conkers on the ground."


*Parents- Please encourage lots of discussion with your child. Don't tell them the season straight away but encourage them to start noticing different signs in nature that could be clues. Use phrases like "I wonder if that could be a clue" and "what do you think that means?" Once you have had lots of discussions you can work with your child to problem solve, justify, reason and use process of elimination to decide which season they think it is. The seasons are changing at the moment and we are currently coming towards the end of winter and the beginning of spring, so it's OK if your child chooses either, or both, as long as they can explain why! 

The Seasons

Read a non-fiction about the seasons with Miss Purcell. This will help you to start thinking about which season it could be at the moment.

Be a Nature Detective with Miss Purcell

Go on a walk with Miss Purcell! Miss Purcell is being a nature detective and is looking for lots of clues to try and work out what the season is at the moment. You might look for some of these clues when you go for a walk.