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Monday 8th February

1. New Sound: ‘igh’

Still image for this video
Can you sing along and do the action? Can you think of any words with the sound 'igh' in?
You will spot the digraph ‘ie’ in this song, you will learn this way of reading and writing ‘ie’ in Year 1. We are practising ‘igh’ today, it makes the same sound but is a trigraph. A trigraph is 3 letters making 1 sound. We can use the same song and action for both because they make the same sound.

2. New Sound: 'igh' (this is a trigraph- 3 letters making 1 sound)

Our Reception Letters and Sounds Phonics lessons teach children to read letters and begin to blend to read words.

Optional Follow Up Activities

If you would like to do some more learning about the sound 'igh', here are some activities you could choose from:

Write and colour the 'igh' words- There are 3 differentiated sheets. Page 1 is the easiest as this has some sounds already filled in. Page 2 is a little harder as this one just has boxes for each sound. Page 3 is the most challenging as this only has lines. If your child is finding the sound 'igh' challenging then just complete page 1. If your child is finding the 'igh' sound very easy then just complete page 3. The answers are on page 4 if you are unsure of what any of the pictures are.