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Mrs Johnson's Activity Area

Hello everybody!


This page has been set up to give you additional ideas for activities outside of those set by your wonderful teachers. I will continue to add to it as the days go on so that you can see some of the things we are doing in school as well.


Feel free to ask your parents to share any photos of work and activities on our Facebook page (our username is @WorthPSPoynton) - I love seeing what you have all been doing :-) 


Mrs Johnson.

Video Update - 03/07/2020

Take a look at what we have been doing recently...

Alien Spaceships

Alien Spaceships 1
Alien Spaceships 2
Alien Spaceships 3
Alien Spaceships 4
Alien Spaceships 5
Alien Spaceships 6
Alien Spaceships 7
Alien Spaceships 8
Could you make your own alien spaceship like some of our children in school have been doing? The children used two paper plates and a clear plastic cup for this craft. If you have different resources at home, you could add your own design to it too. If you attach a piece of string, you could even hang it up at home so it looks as though it is flying through the air!

Video Update - 23/06/2020

Video Update: Take a look at what we have been doing in school recently.

Draw with Rob!

Still image for this video
Some of the children have been following Rob Biddulph's art tutorials in school for Art. They have really enjoyed his videos and have been very impressed with what they have been able to draw.

Why don't you have a go too...follow the link below!

"A World of Food" by Carl Warner

Can you create your very own world of food?

Can you create your very own world of food?


Choose a colour, write down all of the foods you can think of that are that colour and start creating your world! Which materials will you use to reflect the foods you have chosen?


EXTRA CHALLENGE: Can you write a poetic verse (or more!) to describe your world?

"The Huge Bag of Worries"

Virtual Assembly from the NSPCC (Speak out Stay safe)

Welcome to the NSPCC's virtual 'Speak out. Stay Safe.' assembly! This session will be led by the wonderful Sallyand features some special guests...

Can you guess the member of staff?

The Ickabog by J K Rowling

The Ickabog by J K Rowling 1
J K Rowling is releasing her new children's book 'The Ickabog' chapter by chapter on the website below. It's completely free and there's even an illustrations competition for children to enter. The first couple of chapters are already on so let's get reading...

Is this the way to Worth?

La Feria de los Caballos

Today we have been learning about 'La Feria de los Caballos'. This is a Spanish celebration in early May which mainly involves beautiful horses. You could research the festival and find out what happens during this time. Why does it take place? What do they do to celebrate? Where in Spain is it held?

Video Update!

Still image for this video
The PDF booklet above has lots of colouring pages of key workers. This might be a nice, relaxing activity to do when you need some 'down time' or a break from your learning. 'Colouring Heroes' on Facebook also have lots of lovely colouring pages for you to do (please ask the grown ups at home to access any Facebook resources).


Pom-Poms 1
Pom-Poms 2
Pom-Poms 3
We have also made pom-poms this week. Take a look at the video guide below and see if you can have a go too.

How to make a Pom Pom

Pebble Animals

Pebble Animals 1
Pebble Animals 2
Pebble Animals 3
Pebble Animals 4
If you are able to collect any pebbles, stones or rocks on your daily exercise, you could turn them into animals! You could use paint, glitter, tissue paper, googley eyes and anything you have at home to bring your pebble to life. What can you create?

Hello everyone!

Still image for this video

Design a Super Bear Competition

Design a Super Bear Competition 1

In honour of our incredible carers at the NHS, Waitrose and Partners need designs for superhero-themed bears – don’t feel like you have to stick to the traditional brown bear – they want to see all kinds of super teddies.

Try and incorporate unique elements through colours, patterns, capes, masks – whatever feels exciting for you, but please avoid using any recognisable icons in your designs, such as the ‘NHS’ lettering or Superman logos.

Please follow the link below for a template and more information.

Earth Day 2020

Today marks the 50 year anniversary of Earth Day!

The Eco Committee would like to challenge you to find out a little more about Earth Day. You could find out what it is, the history behind it, and how you can get involved. Here are some useful links to get you started:

Official Earth Day website:
National Geographic Kids:…/c…/general-kids-club/earth-day/

If you would like to, why not have a go at some of the following ideas. We would love to see examples of your work in the comments below!
-Write a poem about the natural world and why it is important to protect it.
-Write a pledge with some actions on that you could take in the fight against climate change.
-Put together a video, presentation or poster to persuade others why it is important to look after the planet.
-Try some Earth Day arts and crafts or science experiments. If you Google 'Earth Day activities for kids' there are hundreds of lovely ideas you could choose from. I've attached some pictures of some of my favourites.

Have fun and stay safe,

Miss Purcell and the Eco Committee

Lyrid Meteor Shower - 21/04/2020

Lyrid Meteor Shower - 21/04/2020 1

Tonight the annual Lyrid Meteor Shower is set to peak between the evening of April 21st and the early hours of April 22nd. For your best chance of seeing a shooting star or fireball, look to the skies after midnight tonight. If that is too late, you will still have a good chance at seeing one earlier in the evening. It is thought that there will be 10 to 15 meteors per hour.


Why not take the time to research the Lyrid Meteor Shower? When is the best time to see it? Which direction should you be looking in? What can you do to increase your chances of seeing it? Which constellation is it nearest to?

Railway Art Competition

Railway Art Competition 1

'Best Kept Stations' have launched their art competition - MY CHESHIRE POSTER AWARDS. Children are being asked to choose one of their favourite places in Cheshire to create a poster design. The overall winners will see their designs displayed on station platforms between Chester and Manchester. Please follow the link below for more information.


Grass Heads

Grass Heads 1
Grass Heads 2
Grass Heads 3
We have been keeping busy by making grass heads today. We used tights for the casing and added some grass seed and compost. We then decorated our heads with googly eyes, beaks and feathers to turn them into chicks. We are looking forward to seeing their "hair" grow!

Art With Nature

Art With Nature 1
Art With Nature 2
Art With Nature 3
Art With Nature 4
Art With Nature 5
Try using some alternative resources to create paintings by looking for equipment and materials in your garden. You could make paintbrushes to create different effects or do some printing to make patterns.

Easter Chicks

Easter Chicks 1
Easter Chicks 2
Easter Chicks 3
As we are approaching Easter, we have made some (very cute) Easter chicks in school. We used card and split pins to open their egg. We are going to decorate them with feathers and sequins. Top tip: why not use porridge for the egg to give it a life like texture?

PE at Home

PE at Home 1
Youth Sport Trust is a great website with lots of ideas for physical activity. They have now created a home learning section on the website to give you plenty of ideas of how to keep fit when you can't get outdoors. Let's keep moving!

Virtual Tour of Chester Zoo - 27th March

Virtual Tour of Chester Zoo - 27th March 1
Go to Chester Zoo's Facebook page today for a live virtual tour of some of the animals. See times above for the different areas of the park.

Bug Hotels

Bug Hotels 1
Bug Hotels 2
Bug Hotels 3
Building a bug hotel will help to give the bugs in your garden a place to live. If you have any bits of wood, twigs, pine cones, straw, old pots that are not in use, recycle them to build your bug hotel. You could keep a list/photos of visitors who come to stay in your hotel and share it with your friends and teachers when we come back to school. What will you call your hotel? 

Dream Catchers

Dream Catchers 1
Dream Catchers 2
Dream Catchers 3
The children have been making dream catchers. We are going to walk down to the woods to hang them in the trees. Why not put yours out in your garden or up at a window?


Rainbows 1
Rainbows 2
All across the country, rainbows are springing up in windows since schools closed. For a craft activity, create your own rainbow and stick it in a window, visible for the passing public whilst they’re out on their daily, isolated exercise.
If you’re out for your daily isolated exercise, can you see how many rainbows you spot in the area?
PLEASE make sure that if you do go rainbow spotting for your daily exercise, it is ONLY WITH MEMBERS OF YOUR HOUSEHOLD. Be sensible, be safe and look after each other.

Free Daily Resources

Free Daily Resources 1