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Mrs Johnson's Weekly Videos

Hello children,


I hope you are all ok and are set up ready to impress everyone with your online learning again - you did such a fantastic job of it last time. Remember to just do what you can and try your best - we cannot ask for more than that!


I will upload a weekly video to this page for you during lockdown. Some weeks I might give an update, read a story, set you a little challenge or just pop up to "have a chat" with you all.


Thinking of you all,

Mrs Johnson smiley



18/1/21 - Being Brave

12/1/21 - "One is a snail, ten is a crab"

12/1/21 - Challenge (Younger)

Further Challenge (Older)

Open the document below for further questions and challenges....have fun!

8/1/21 - "Feelings"


  • Think about how you feel today. Write the feeling down on a piece of paper and illustrate like in the story. Think of all the ways it makes you feel - what does it sound like? Feel like? Is it hot or cold? Small or big? What colour is the feeling? (You could do one at different times on different days or you may have lots of feelings at one time that you would like to do illustrations for).
  • Take how you feel and write a short rhyming verse like in the story to describe it - this could be illustrated too.
  • Keep a diary of these feelings - do they change? When do you feel certain ways - do you know why?
  • Make time with your family to talk about how you feel about everything at the moment and ask them how they feel - how can you help each other?

If any of you would like me to look at what you have done from this video, please feel free to ask someone at home to help you to email it to as your SeeSaw accounts (Tapestry in Reception) are specifically for your class teachers. Good luck and I hope you enjoyed the story!


Good Morning!