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Four Seasons- Vivaldi 

Listen to music attached below (you can just listen to a short extract of each rather than the whole piece). There is a piece of music for each of the four seasons. 


As you listen, talk about the music. Is the music fast? Is it slow? Can you hear loud sounds or quiet sounds? How does the music make you feel? 


Discuss why you think that music has been chosen for that season? 

E.g. Does the fast music for Summer make you feel happy like a warm sunny day?

Does the slower music for Winter remind you of the snow slowly floating down? 


Can you dance to music? Add actions for each season. Try to move in time to the music. E.g. in Spring you might pretend to be a lamb skipping through a green field. In the Autumn you might pretend to crunch through the leaves. 


Can you paint some pictures whilst listening to the music? Try to think about how the music makes you feel. E.g. in Spring you might paint with bright colours in a fast action. In the Winter you might paint slowly with dark colours. 


I would love to see some videos of your actions for each season on Tapestry, or some pictures of your paintings. I would also love to hear some of your ideas about the music. 

Four Seasons ~ Vivaldi

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