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As you are aware, your child will be taking the phonics test next half term which should have taken place in Year 1.  We have been looking over and re-capping all the sounds that your child needs to know (up to phase 5).  Over the coming weeks we will be concentrating on the ones that are the most tricky and  practising segmenting and blending both real words and 'made up' words.

Phonics Play is currently free to access (although I do not know for how long) so please take advantage and play some of the games that I have given links to below.  Their spellings are also very important so please spend time completing the short activities and supporting them in learning them.  

Many thanks for your support!

UPDATE  As the free subscription ends on 21st October, the links below are for free games only.  For each game, start by selecting phase 5 and then select the sounds that your child has found tricky after that.  Phase 4 is also worth selecting as these contain polysyllabic words and letter blends.  Have fun!
Most children find split vowel digraphs tricky to spot e.g. came, time, theme where the 'e' at the end of the word changes the vowel from a short to a long sound.  Other common tricky digraphs (2 letters that make one sound) are the sounds /aw/, /au/ and /ue/.