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Photos, Videos & Presentations

I really enjoyed your story, Nathan. You have used some super vocabulary and I like the way it's written in chapters. Well done. smiley
An interesting presentation, Caleb. I shall show it Mr Giles as he was writing programs for the Oric games console at your age - he's still in IT now!
I enjoyed your presentation, William. However, there was a very vital piece of footballing history missing. You never mentioned the fact that Derby County (my home town team) were one of the 12 founder members of the Football League!  I forgive you, though. wink
Maisie, these drawings are incredible. What a talent! smiley
A super presentation, Caleb. Well done. smiley
A great presentation, Nathan. You've found lots of interesting facts about Queen Victoria and her reign. smiley
Gracie, you have done a super presentation. The last slide about 'The Sun' really made me smile! smiley
A great presentation about the earth, sun and moon. Well done, Lilla. smiley
Caleb, you've really been working hard on your Space project. Well done! smiley
Charlotte, you've done a super job creating your river project from air drying clay and acrylic paint. I love the a hot glue river! smiley
Well done, Nathan. A great retelling of the story and a super maze. smiley
A brilliant presentation, William. I loved the way you included pictures of your Great Grandparents. A real personal history. smiley
A super model, Olivia. I hope your leaflet is jam packed with River Amazon facts. smiley
Love the bunting, Harry. Enjoy your VE Day 75th  Anniversary Celebration. smiley
Wow, Caleb, you have been busy. Lovely to see all your work. Well done. yes
Charlotte, I love the maze game you have created and I'm very impressed with your brilliant video. Well done. smiley
I really enjoy seeing your finished projects. Fantastic mazes, Austin.
Great research, Cameron! smiley
Well done, William. A super model. I'm pleased to see you are working hard.
I am really impressed with the river models that have been made. Well done.

River Models