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PSHE - myhappymind

Meet Your Brain

This half term we are learning all about our brains. We have learnt about 3 important parts of our brain; the hippocampus (working like a scrapbook to store our memories), the amygdala (instructing us to fight, flight or freeze when we are in danger) and the pre-frontal cortex (used in making decisions and concentrating). We have discovered that when we are stressed, scared or worried, our amygdala takes over and the other 2 parts of our brain aren't able to work properly. We have started to learn some techniques of "Happy Breathing" which can help to wake up the other parts of our brain in these stressful situations.

Below are instructions for making a "glitter jar". This is a visual way of showing what happens when our amygdala takes over our brain. The jar has a double use, as when we are feeling worried, sad or anxious, we can shake the jar and watch the glitter moving around and then calming down as our emotions do too. Why not have a try at making one at home. We would love to see your pictures on Seesaw.