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Year 3 R.E. Spring Unit 1: Judaism

This half-term is all about Judaism in Year 3. We find out about Moses and the Ten Commandments. We learn about the Torah and how it is treated and respected. We look at different Jewish festivals such as Shavuot and we discover the story of Passover, when the Hebrews escaped Egypt.


Below are lots of resources we use in class. You can watch videos, listen to stories and choose different activities connected with them. You can do as much or as little as you like, you decide.


All the best Year 3!


Miss Harwood smiley

What is Judaism?

Watch the BBC video of a young boy from Manchester who introduces the history, traditions and beliefs of the Jewish religion. 

Who and Where?

Read through the Powerpoint presentation and find out about Abraham, the founder of Judaism. Read the incredible story of God giving him, and his wife Sarah, a son in their old age! There are some activity sheets to go with it.

The Ten Commandments

Listen to the story of Moses receiving the Ten Commandments from God. Read the Powerpoint to find out what they were in more detail. Use the worksheet to write your own commandments for modern life.

10 Ways to be Perfect

The Torah

Watch the BBC video explaining about the Holy book, the Torah. Read further information from the Powerpoint. Find out why it is so important to Jewish people and how it helps them in every day life. Discover how it is written in an ancient Jewish language called Hebrew. Take a look at the Hebrew alphabet and see if you can write some of the letters yourself!

The Festival of Shavuot

Read the Powerpoint and find out about the Jewish Spring Harvest Festival, Shavuot. Discover the customs and traditions which include tasty food! Use the letter template to write as a Jewish person who has taken part in the celebrations. Or you can choose to complete the reading comprehension.

The Festival of Passover (Pesach)

Listen to the story behind the festival of Passover, when Moses led God's people out of Egypt. Follow the BBC Bitesize link 'What is Passover?' and find out how Jewish people celebrate this special occasion. Read the Powerpoint for further information and complete the Seder plate activity.

God to the Rescue!