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Year 4 R.E. Spring Unit 2: Christianity

During the second half of the Spring term, we look at different Christian festivals, beginning with Lent, Palm Sunday and the events of Holy Week, leading up to the celebration of Easter. Shrove Tuesday falls on Tuesday 16th February, this year. Therefore, I have put up some explanations and resources connected with it before we celebrate it in the half-term holiday.

Shrove Tuesday and Lent

Follow the link to BBC Bitesize and watch the video which explains about Lent. Read the information on the Powerpoint presentation and find out why and how Shrove Tuesday is celebrated. There is also a recipe for making pancakes which you might want to do in the half-term holiday.

Palm Sunday

The celebration of Palm Sunday takes place the week before Easter. It is when Christians remember Jesus entering Jerusalem for the Passover festival. Crowds welcomed Jesus riding on a donkey and waved palm leaves. Churches usually give out palm crosses to mark the occasion. 


Read the story from the Powerpoint presentation and think about the significance of the events leading up to Holy week. Complete the reading comprehension to further your understanding. If you would rather re-tell the story as a newspaper report, use the writing frame provided.

Craft Activities

You can make your own palm leaf by printing off the template and cutting it out. There are also instructions for making a Palm Sunday peg donkey.

Year 4 R.E. Spring Unit 1: Islam


Who and Where?

For this half term, we learn about Islam which is the second most popular religion in the world. Read through the Powerpoint 'Who and Where?' to find out the origins of this religion. Look at the reference map to see where it first began. Do some research by following the link to Primary Homework Help. Answer some of the following questions:

1. Who is the founder of Islam?

2. What does Islam mean?

3. What is Islam based on?

4. What do Muslims believe?

Night of Power

Find out about the 'Night of Power' by watching the BBC Bitesize video clips. Read the Powerpoint to learn about the Revelation of the Qur'an.

The Qur'an

Watch the BBC 2 video clip about how two boys from London follow the teachings of the Qur'an. Use the Powerpoint to find out what the Holy book says and how it is part of everyday life for a Muslim. Test your understanding by answering the questions on the activity sheet.


The building used for worship by Muslims is called a mosque. Watch the BBC 2 video clip. Read the information from the Powerpoint (Special Places) to find out the key features of a mosque. Make a model of a mosque using a shoe box or use the mosque template. Cut out the descriptions provided to label your model.