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Science Lockdown Lessons

Week 5 - Science & Art Home Learning - Light - Week Beginning 1st Feb

Science Task 1: How we see things and the direction light travels 👀💡

Apologies about the slightly angry face on the video still!!! I need to learn how to choose the image.


Task 3 A Guide to Making and Using a Dark Box

Task 4 A Guide to Indian Shadow Puppets

Task 4 Creating a home theatre

Task 4 - Indian Shadow Puppets - A video example of a puppet show in Southern India

Task 4 - How to make an Indian Shadow Puppet Show

This video shows you a simple way to creat Indian Shadow Puppets. They have made a lightbox at the end.
A sheet of light material (bedsheet), a large light coloured wall or a large piece of thin, plain light paper will work to project your shadow on to.

Task 4 - Art & Science - How to make Indian Shadow Puppets

A guide to making a variation of Indian Shadow Puppets - THIS VIDEO IS GREAT FOR LEARNING HOW TO MAKE THE JOINTS IF YOU HAVE MOVING LIMBS!!!

Instructions for at the Builder's Yard.

There have been a few problems attempting to upload this sheet, but the information below is the missing instructions, you just need the picture:

1. Colour in all objects that are opaque in the appropriate colour;

2. Mark any objects that are transparent with 'T1'

3. Lightly shade and mark any objects with 'T2' that are translucent.




PS. If you do not have access to a printer, please write down the name of the object and write next to it transparent, translucent or opaque.