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Common Exception Words (Year 2) and Year 3 Statutory Spellings

WEEK 5 - WEEK 8 *To target an improvement in spelling within writing, I'm setting spelling homework, based on dictation for the next 4 weeks. This dictation homework, targets the Year 2 common exception words. I've decided on this as I'm seeing inconsistency between the accuracy in spelling tests being transferred into writing. I would be grateful if you could complete this dictation over the upcoming 4 weeks, so the children have to write out the whole paragraph, with the spelling focus being those words in bold. I've also uploaded a Year 3 specific spelling word list, if you feel your child requires a further or different challenge. **Instead of having a spelling test the next four Tuesday's, we will instead work on this same target in class and have a spelling assessment (over a range of days) towards the end of next half term - hopefully the week of July 10th. Thanks for your ongoing support and any questions, please catch me on the door or I'd be happy to call at a time convenient to you.