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This is where you will find your weekly spellings, to be tested on a Tuesday morning. The spellings are marked with the date on which they will be tested to minimise any confusion. Your chiild knwos which colour group they are in so please check with them if you are unsure. I will also send a message on Seesaw letting you know which group your child is in. Each week, we will have a SPAG lesson in school (Spelling and Grammar) and most weekly spellings will be linked to the grammatical rule we have been working on that week. 

Below you will also find a sheet giving some ideas of how to practise spellings in different and hopefully engaging ways. We have been working through these and trying some of the ideas in class, so I would encourage you to dip into these at home to prevent spelling practice from becoming too dull! Some methods may work for your child, others will not so feel free to pick and choose. The "Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check" sheet which the spellings are typed on each week is purely a way of presenting them to you. If your child finds it helpful to follow this process and write the spellings on the sheet, that's great but you do not need to show me this and it is not obligatory - it can just form part of ongoing weekly spelling practice.