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Please find in my "Handy Hints" section some recommendations of how to learn spellings.  Your child may like to learn using one of the suggested ways you will find here.  I will talk to the children about this in class too.

Spellings to learn - w/c 13th Sept (to be quizzed on Tues 21st Sept).


I will let you know what group your child is on on Monday 13th September.  This is subject to change depending on how I feel they are going on.  I will be starting with a lot of spelling patterns and words from Year 2 as I feel we need to secure these before moving on.

Tricky words

Spellings w/c 20th September.  To be quizzed on Tuesday 28th September.


This week, we will continue to power our way through the tricky words from Year 2.  We are already thinking of different ways to help us remember different words in class, such as the number eight the other day – eggs in giant hippo’s tummy!  For the number seven, we said even though it is odd it has got even at the end. As I said, you may read some of the tricky words as they are written to help you remember.


You can practise your spellings in whatever way you wish again this week.  You may time yourself as you did last week.  I do not mind how you learn as we need to make this as fun and memorable as possible!

Tricky Words 2

Year 2 Common Exception Words