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Spring Topic - Romans

Y4 Spring Topic Overview

The Ancient City of Rome

Look at the images of different Roman buildings. What materials are they made from? What are their design features? What were their purposes? Click on the link to the DK website to help you with some research about Roman architecture. Use the border paper to write your findings. 


Roman Mosaics

Read the Powerpoint presentation about Roman mosaics. How were they made? What pictures did they create? Use the template to design your own mosaic pattern. 

Roman Musical Instruments

Read about the musical instruments from ancient Roman times. When and where were they played? What was their purpose or significance? How were they played and what did they sound like? 

Diary of a Slave

Roman Diary part 1

Roman Diary part 2

Roman Diary part 3

Roman Diary part 4

Roman Diary part 5

What was it like to live in a Roman Villa?

Watch the BBC video clip - Tour of a Roman Villa. Make notes on some of the features that are described. Look at the villa floor plan for further details. Imagine you are an estate agent living in Roman times. Use the FOR SALE template to write a poster advertising a luxurious villa for a wealthy Roman buyer.

Just Like a Roman

Watch the video and learn to sing along to 'Just Like a Roman'. You can also learn how to perform it using sign language.


Just like a Roman

Roman Entertainment

Learn about Roman entertainment at the colosseum from the Powerpoint. Follow the link to the DK website and find out about the gladiators. Label the gladiator diagram. Write an explanation using the writing frame. 

Roman Gods and Goddesses

Read the information from the Powerpoint. Compare the different gods and goddesses and their responsibilities. Choose your favourite and use the fact file template to write about them. Watch the BBC video and learn a song to help you remember them.