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Click here to listen to the story 'The Tiny Seed' and have a go at some related activities!

In the Spring, seeds start to grow. Listen to the story and follow the journey of the tiny seed throughout the seasons. 

The Tiny Seed

Follow Up Activities for 'The Tiny Seed':

-Plant some seeds. Talk about what you will need to do to look after your seeds as they grow. 

-Learn the parts of a flower action song attached below. 

-Create some tiny seed inspired artwork (inspiration attached below).

-Have a go at the seed life cycle cutting and sticking activities attached below. 

Parts of a Flower Action Song

Learn the parts of a flower by singing this song and doing the actions! I'd love to see a video of you performing it on Tapestry!

The Tiny Seed Artwork Inspiration

Look at the pictures and discuss Eric Carle's style. You might also look at some of his other books and illustrations if you have them. 

You can follow these links here to find out how to recreate these paintings: