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Summer Term

Each week, you should record yourself reading for between 4 and 5 minutes and upload it to Seesaw.  There will also be a weekly task  which you should do, based on what you have read.  You can choose to read one of your school books or something from home.  Please send in a photograph of the completed task on Seesaw each week, as well as your recording.



Week 2 Task - 4th May 2021 

To be submitted by Tuesday 11th May, along with your weekly reading recording 


From your reading, please find 5 words with different suffixes, e.g. words ending with ing, ed, er, est, ly, y, ness or ment.  Write them down, along with their root word so you can see which spelling rule you have used.



word                           root word                  spelling rule

drinking                       drink                           do nothing, just add the suffix

wider                           wide                           cross off the 'e' and add the suffix.

Week 1 Task (Tuesday 27th April)

To be submitted on Seesaw, with your reading video, by Tuesday 4th May


From what you have read, find 3 words that you don't know the meaning of.  Find out what they mean and write it down.  If there are no words that you don't understand in what you have read, then choose 3 words that you like and write down their meaning.