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Themed Learning

Week Commencing Monday 8th June

Theme: Julian is Mermaid

This week our home learning is based around the story Julian is a Mermaid by Jessica Love. You will find a video of the story in the Literacy section of the website along with this week's Literacy activities. There are some mermaid yoga and dancing activities in the Physical Development section of the website and some mermaid/under the sea art activities in the Creative area of the website. 


There are new Letters and Sounds activities, one is making some sound posters and the others are in the Phase 2/3 and Phase 3/4 section which have a tricky word and handwriting focus. 


Maths this week is focusing on our basic number skills with numbers up to 20, there are lots of activity ideas in the Maths section of the website. 


Have fun and I look forward to seeing some of you next week! For those of you not returning to School yet, please post on Tapestry what you have been doing so I can see how you are getting on. 


Robot City Project

Theme 3- Robots and Doughnuts 

To last 2 weeks 

This theme is based around the artwork from Eric Joyner so the first thing you’ll probably want to do is look at some of Eric Joyner’s paintings which I have posted on the Creative/Understanding the World section of the website. You will also find a video where Eric Joyner talks about why he decided to paint robots and doughnuts. This is a good starting point to the theme.

There are lots of robot and doughnut themed activities to be getting on with in all areas of the website so I suggest you spend a bit of time this morning looking through and see what you'd like to do first. I will do a website run through video and post on Tapestry where I will explain each section in a bit more detail, for those of you who find them useful. 

I've had lots of fun planning this theme for the children so I do hope it inspires them, please do let me know by posting any activities you do on Tapestry! Also, if you are enjoying the robot theme, there are hundreds more ideas if you Google 'robot activities for children', so you can always do that too for more ideas. 

What is in Miss Purcell’s shed? Find out here!!!

Still image for this video
Lots of you guessed this one correctly! It's a ROBOT! But, it's not just a robot...

Friday 8th May marks 75 years since VE Day.

Why not celebrate this at home? You could research what happened on VE Day and recreate this. You could make flags, bunting, get dressed up, make some 1940's food, listen to wartime songs, dance, and look at old old photographs of your family members who were alive during the war. Have a look at the pictures below together as a stimulus for discussion. You may wish to sensitively discuss why VE was being celebrated and answer any questions your child has about the war in an age appropriate way.

Miss Purcell will be celebrating with her family at home. I have made some bunting in preparation, I will be hanging a big Union Jack flag out of my window, making scones and having afternoon tea in the garden and finally having some traditional fish and chips for tea! 

I would love to see any of your celebrations on Tapestry! 

Theme 2- Forests and Flower Fairies (to last 2 weeks)

Look what I found whilst I was gardening!

Still image for this video
An introductory video to this weeks theme of SNAILS!

Snails in Miss Purcell's garden!

Watch carefully to see silvery snail trails and when I've snail rolls over onto its back (don't worry, it sorts itself back out!) Maybe you could use a phone, camera or tablet to take pictures or videos of snails in your garden. You could try a time lapse of them moving.

A snail on Miss Purcell’s hand!

Still image for this video
Are you brave enough to see what a snail feels like slithering on your hand? Use your senses to describe what you can see and feel.

Theme 1- Snails!