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Thursday 14th January

  • Watch Miss Purcell talking and signing Goldilocks. Join in and use your story map too. 


  • Listen to Miss Purcell reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears below and then do the quiz!


  • Read the Goldilocks eBook with your grown up. 

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Story

Listen to the story carefully!

Goldilocks Quiz!

Goldilocks has 15 questions for you about the story! See many you get right and let me know on Tapestry!

Look at the eBook attached. Your grown up will read the story to you but there are some words you can try to spot yourself:

  • Key words (words that are repeated throughout the story): Goldilocks, Bears, three, porridge, chair, Daddy, Mummy, Baby, someone
  • CVC/VC words (words that can sounded out): and, in, at, of, is, mum, it, up, sat, big, as, bed, on, fell, got, ran, back
  • Tricky words  (words that cannot be sounded out): the, she, to, go, was, said, into, by, my

Optional cut and stick activities if you have a printer...