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Thursday 21st January

1. Tricky Word Symphony

Can you make a tricky word drum kit and play a song? Remember to say the words as you play! I'd love to see a video on Tapestry!
Words you could use: he, me, we, be, she, was, all, her, you, they, my, are

2. New Sound: 'zz' (this is a digraph)

Our Reception Letters and Sounds Phonics lessons teach children to read letters and begin to blend to read words

Your grown up will read the story to you, however, you will be able to help to read some of the words and sounds. 

Can you spot the sound 'z' or 'zz' in any of the words?

Can you spot these tricky words in the story: the, was, to, she, her

Can you find and read these VC/CVC words in the story: at, fan, of, buzz, in, it, on, neck, sad, fell