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Thursday 28th January & Friday 29th January

The Dragon Machine

This is a magical story about a little boy called George who starts noticing dragons EVERYWHERE! When you go for your daily walk, make sure you're checking all around in secret and hidden places for dragons! Let me know if you spot any!

Thursday- Make a Map to The Great Wilderness

Can you make a map just like the one George found? Your map needs to take you to The Great Wilderness where the dragons belong. We might need to follow the map to return our baby dragon if it hatches out and it's Mummy and Daddy dragon don't come back for it!

Friday- Design and Make a Dragon Machine!

Make a dragon machine to take you to The Great Wilderness where the dragons live! Can you design a Dragon Machine and then have a go at building it? You can make it using construction toys or you could use big den building materials to make a giant one that you can actually get inside. Don't forget to take your map in your dragon machine too! You could use this as a test run in case we need to take our baby dragon back to The Great Wilderness!