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Times Tables

This page is dedicated to times tables.  By the end of Year 2, your child is expected to be confident in recalling their 2, 5 and 10 times tables.  We have already started to learn and log  progress with their 2 times table but I thought I would add a log for the 10 times table as this is the next one your child needs to learn.  When your child is confident with their 2 times table and answering at least 17 correct in less than 2 minutes then please start learning the 10 times table.  Complete an online quiz for it in the same way they do for the 2 times table.  Once your child is confident with their 10 times table then try a mixed quiz by selecting both the 2 and 10 times table.  We will aim to move to the 5 times table after Christmas.  I have attached copies of each log and the link to the quiz.  There is also a link to a top marks game to help your child practice.